Better products

Improve the sustainability performance of every new customer product.

Why does it matter?

The production, use and disposal of electrical products touches on many global environmental and social issues; greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption, resource depletion, the treatment of workers in the supply chain and the safe disposal, recycling or reuse of waste electrical products at the end of their working life. The impact of electrical products can outweigh the direct operational impacts of a business. While one product in a home may not seem to have a noticeable impact, across millions of customers this can add up to a huge impact.

At Virgin Media, we want our products to have an environmental and social story we can all be proud of. Looking at the sustainability performance of our products as a whole and in comparison to our previous products enables us to take a more measured approach to our product development.

How are we making it happen?

Following changes to our Executive Committee we are agreeing a new sponsor for this goal. The Directors responsible for our products are regularly updated on the product scorecard. The Sustainability team work with the Liberty Global Corporate Responsibility team to drive accountability with the Liberty Global product owners who drive the product development process on behalf of the local markets.

Following the creation of our product scorecard, we are actively working with our product suppliers to identify opportunities to improve the environmental and social impacts of new products as they are being developed. This includes energy efficiency, the amount of materials used, recycled content and recyclability, minimising packaging and ensuring the product follows accessibility guidelines.


Performance against our goal sub targets in 2016

Publish scorecard results

2017 target - Share product scorecard results for Hub 3.0 and V6 products.

How we did – We launched our first product scorecard results for the Hub 3.0 in July 2017 (click here) followed by the V6 box scorecard in January 2018 (click here). We published the scorecard at the beginning of 2018 instead of 2017 to align with the V6 For Everyone campaign which launched in January 2018. We were able to demonstrate improvements in the environment performance of both products in comparison with their respective predecessors.


Embed scorecard methodology

2017 target - Evidence of the product scorecard being used in all 5 stages of product development (concept, design, procurement, build, distribution) 

How we did – Our product scorecard is being used to influence all stages of product development. The scorecard criteria are used to set general principles for the improvement of environmental and social performance when first engaging with suppliers. It is then turned into specific performance metrics for suppliers to work with when presenting proposals. These metrics are measured throughout the development process.