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Our meaningful connections plan

Our 2020 sustainability goals

The start of 2020 marked the end of our ‘5 in 5’ sustainability strategy. We set five ambitious goals to hit in five years with the exception of our transforming lives goal which ran to the end of 2020.

We’re really proud of what we achieved. Here’s a snapshot of some of our achievements;


Transformed the lives of more than 1 million disabled people in the UK

- We supported 1,204,427 disabled people with the skills and confidence to get into and stay in work by the end of 2020 through Support to Work, the digital employment service we set up in partnership with pan-disability charity Scope in 2018. The service offers both a tailored 12 week programme of support with an advisor and a suite of self-service resources.

- 70% of customers who have accessed the online resources provided by Support to Work have better knowledge and skills to choose and apply for jobs.

- 70% of customers of the tailored service have better knowledge and skills to choose and apply for jobs and 60% have improved confidence in their ability to work (self-efficacy).

- Our people raised more than £900,000 for Scope (and of course we topped that up to £1 million)

- Launched Work With Me in partnership with Scope – a community of businesses committed to thinking and acting differently about disability in their organisations.

- There is now more than 100 members of the Work With Me community

- 71% of members said WWM helped to move on the dial on disability

- 85% of members said being part of the WWM community given them more
confidence in having conversations and to take positive action on disability
inclusion within their organisation

- 42% of members said WWM offers them something they couldn’t get

- 85% of members have engaged with the resources and events


Supported our business to become more inclusive

- Delivered disability and vulnerability training to 97% of our customer facing workforce

- Delivered training to recruitment teams on how to write inclusive job adverts and how to recognise and avoid bias throughout the recruitment process

- Created targeted recruitment campaigns to increase female representation in technical roles


Built connections that really matter

- Became a founding partner of the Valuable 500 - our support enabled the V500 team to take disability to the main stage at the World Economic Forum in 2018 and 2019 and to support 500 big brands like us to put disability on their board agenda.

- Awarded best partnership with a national charity at the 2018 Better Society Awards and best Charity, NGO or NFP programme at the 2020 Corporate Engagement Awards for our partnership with Scope.


Focused on our environmental impact

- Achieved a 42% reduction of our carbon footprint against our 2014 baseline

- Took back more than 9.5 million items of old customer kit with 5.3 million being reused and the remainder broken down for recycling

- Signed up to the RE100 initiative and sourced 100% of electricity from renewable sources in 2019 for the first time

- Launched our Virgin TV V6 box, which uses less than half the power of the previous Compass Tivo box, as well as the Hub 3 which is 15% more energy efficient than the Super Hub 2ac. Between them we’ve saved enough energy to power more than 41,000 UK homes


You can read our full 2019 sustainability report here  

And access our detailed performance tables in the Resources section here

Check back here in summer 2021 for an update on our performance in 2020.