How do I use Virgin Media Web Safe?

Last updated: May 21, 2018

Web Safe works with any device connected to your home network to help you block:

  • Websites with viruses
  • Sites with malicious or unsuitable content (including: pornography, hate, crime, drugs, violence, hacking, self-harm and suicide)

Take a look at our video on how to use Web Safe below

Choosing your Web Safe settings

Web Safe is of course up to you, and there may be situations where you don't need it. If you're a Virgin Fibre customer, when you register for My Virgin Media we'll ask to you choose your Web Safe settings.

If you want to change your settings at a later date, or if you've not yet made a choice of settings, here’s how:

  1. Register or Sign in to your My Virgin Media account at
  2. Click on My apps
  3. Click on Web Safe
  4. Click Settings

Here you’ll see the two filters – one for Virus Safe and one for Child Safe protection. Depending when you joined us you may have Virus Safe or both Virus Safe and Child Safe turned on by default.

To disable or enable each level of protection, click Turn Off or Turn On, and then click Apply. We recommend keeping Virus Safe on.

You can customise your Child Safe settings by clicking on the Categories, Sites or Timer filters and choosing the protection you need for you and your family. If Child Safe is turned off, the settings are saved until Child Safe is turned on again. See Child Safe for details on the filters.

When you choose to block a site with Web Safe, or when your Child Safe timer reactivates your block settings, you may have to restart your browser or device before the site or category is blocked.

If you do turn either filter off, remember you will lose your network-level protection for that feature.

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