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What is a malware alert?

You may have recently received a letter or email from Virgin Media explaining that we have been notified that a device on your network contains malware. If you have received such a communication from us, please follow the advice given on this page to resolve the issue.


When we suspect that a customer has become infected with malware we will send them an alert giving an overview of the malware infection and advice on what to do next.

What has happened?

We work with a number of not-for-profit organisations across the banking industry and security sectors that collate information on devices across the Internet that are infected with malware. They have notified us that a device on your home Internet connection (or one connected to your home network) is infected with malware.

Your financial transactions and personal data could be at risk. It is therefore important that you follow the advice in this article. *

Want a hand fixing your home devices?

If you require expert assistance to deal with this issue why not use our payable Gadget Rescue** service to help secure your home devices? Gadget Rescue operates 24/7 and solves 99% of digital issues from smart phones to digital cameras.

Want to fix the issue yourself?

We’re here to help and if you have a basic knowledge of computers and connected devices there are a number of steps you can take to secure your home network.


Please apply these steps in order:


The easiest way to do this is by using an online virus scanner; some suggested sites are;

If you are using an Android or iOS device, you can find a variety of virus scanners on your device’s app store.

If you have an existing security package installed, please consult the instructions on how to remove infections from your device.

If you don't have an existing security package, Sign into your My Virgin Media account and register for Virgin Media Internet Security to start your 3-month trial today.

No bank or credit card details are needed up front for the trial.

Once downloaded and installed it will immediately run a scan of your device.

If you already use Virgin Media Internet Security, make sure "Viruses and spyware scanning" is turned on.

Once the malware has been removed, you should change the passwords for all the online and email accounts you use.

If any of your passwords were obtained by a malicious third party as a result of the malware infection, it is highly likely they attempted or will attempt to use the same passwords across as many websites and online services as possible, in the hope that the same passwords is used for other accounts you use online.

When changing your passwords, it is important that you use different passwords for all your online accounts and pick strong passwords that are difficult to guess. For more information, please visit

Keep your operating system and application software up-to-date. Install software patches so that attackers can't take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities. Many operating systems offer automatic updates. If this option is available, you should enable it.

In order to avoid future infections on your home network it is recommended that you turn on Virus Safe, which is available as part of our free Web Safe service which can be found within My Virgin Media. Web Safe will help you block access to web sites known to be infected or to distribute malware. To access Web Safe just sign in to your account at and select My Apps.

It is important to provide an up to date contact email address to enable us to advise you of any significant issues that may affect the use of your Virgin Media services. To update your contact email address simply sign in to your account at and select My Profile.

In addition, it’s important that you check your mail forwarding rules to ensure that your emails aren’t being forwarded without your knowledge.

To check this in Virgin Media Mail webmail:

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your My Virgin Media username and password
  • Click the System Menu icon on the right side of the menu bar and then click the Settings menu item
  • Select the Auto Forward tab

This will display email addresses set to receive forwarded emails from your Virgin Media mailbox. If there is an email address you don’t recognise, and which you didn’t intend to forward your email to, then please select it and delete the forwarding rule.

If you have followed the above advice and have rescanned your device and found it to be clean, you should have resolved the issue.

If you would like further advice or to verify that this is a genuine Virgin Media communication then our community will be happy to help. Just visit, select 'Help forum' and join in the conversation on the Security Matters board.

If you’d like further advice then our forum community will be happy to help. Just visit and join the conversation on our Security Matters board.

You can find general security advice and articles on other vulnerabilities by checking Security Hub at

Virgin Media supports Internet Matters: a not-for-profit organisation working with online safety experts to bring you all the information you need to help keep your children safe online.


* These fixes are provided as a courtesy and we are not responsible for any problems encountered whilst applying these steps and we are not able to provide any technical support for such problems.

** Minimum system requirements and Acceptable Use Policy apply. Gadget Rescue is available on a monthly subscription basis (6 month minimum term applies) or as a "One-Off Fix" service. Gadget Rescue terms and conditions apply.

*** These links to external sites are provided as a courtesy and we are not responsible for the content of these sites or any problems encountered whilst applying these steps and we are not able to provide any technical support for such problems.

**** Pay nothing for 3 months (no payment details needed upfront), then just £3 a month (or £30 a year)

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