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Online Safety for Kids

How do I keep my kids safe online?


1. Tell your parents what you are doing

If they understand it, they'll be happier with you using the Internet. Don't give anyone your password, except maybe your parents.

2. Be careful with your mobile

Don't send pictures that might embarrass you, even to your best friend. You don’t want any photos ending up in the wrong hands, so to prevent that from happening, don’t send any in the first place.

3. Don't give anyone your school name

Don't give your school name, address or phone number to anyone you communicate with on the Internet.

4. Don't meet up with internet friends

If you must, then bring an adult with you. People are not always who they say they are on the Internet.

5. Tell someone

Tell someone if people are saying things you don't like or bullying you. If you don't get help, ask advice from an adult.

6. Report it

Report bad behaviour to the website you are using.

7. Don't let bullies win

Print off and save any messages and show someone like a parent or teacher and ask them to help. If the first person doesn't help, then ask someone else.

8. Don't respond to nasty emails

Don't respond to nasty emails or messages. Block or ignore the sender.

9. Could it embarrass you?

As well as not sending photos directly to others, don't put photos or things that might embarrass you on the Internet.

10. Be nice even if they're angry

Be as nice online as you are offline. If someone makes you angry don't be angry back. Tell someone else or report it, but don't get into a fight online.

11. Keep your privacy

Never use your real name or anything that could identify you age or gender. Instead you should use random screen names like “wiseapple” or “soccerfan”.

12. Hide your whereabouts

Never reveal which town you live in, and never post photos that could provide clues about your location, or the school or clubs you attend.

13. Personal details

Never provide your address, telephone number or any other personal information online.


Internet Matters

Virgin Media supports Internet Matters: a not-for-profit organisation working with online safety experts to bring you all the information you need to keep your children safe online.

The Internet Matters website gives information and guidance about the main online safety issues children might be exposed to when browsing the internet as well as advice for safeguarding, tips for setting up appropriate controls and filters.

Online Security Toolkit

Here at Virgin Media, we offer our broadband customers products from our Online Security Toolkit. This includes Web Safe, our online security suite which helps protect your network from viruses and inappropriate websites, F-Secure SAFE, the multi-award winning security software powered by F-Secure which protects up to 5 of your devices, and F-Secure KEY, which generates strong unique passwords and stores all your credentials securely.

Report abuse

Report suspicious activity and inappropriate contact towards a young person online:

European Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe and is supported by countries throughout Europe. SID is an annual event on 6 February to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones. In the UK during the week of SID a range of activities will be taking place across the continent to help protect young people online. For further information about international activities for SID please visit

If you have younger children using the internet, then this site;  loads of useful info to help them stay safe online.

Switched on Families

Last year, we spoke to thousands of parents and families right across the country about their thoughts, comments and concerns about the internet in our daily life through a project called “Our Digital Future”.

What we heard was clear: everyone’s overwhelmingly positive about the web, but some people want better technology and more guidance from internet service providers like us to help keep kids safe online.

That’s why we’ve launched Switched on Families  – an online platform and interactive guide on protecting children online.

We've created Switched on Families to help parents make informed, confident choices about how they manage the internet in their home. It’s about encouraging active and informed parenting alongside using parental control tools. Everyone can visit this site.


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