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Keeping safe online

It’s really important to stay safe online and we’re here to make sure we help you do just that.

Have a look at our tips below to make sure your Virgin Media details stay private, especially when using public computers or devices.


Sign out of My Virgin Media

When you’re done looking at your My Virgin Media account, and you’re not on a private device of your own, we’d always suggest signing out. And remember, click ‘sign out’ – closing the window or heading to a different site without doing this still means you’re signed in.

Don’t save your sign in details either. Many sites and web browsers ask you if you want to save your username and password for next time. If you’re not on your own personal device, please don’t opt to save those details.

Don’t leave your screen unlocked

Make sure that if you’re using a public computer, you don’t leave it with your personal information on show.

Sign out of everything you’ve signed in to, and close any windows that might contain your personal information. If you’re viewing your bill online for example, make sure you close the window when you‘re done.

Be aware of over-the-shoulder snoops, too. These people may take advantage of others using public computers, and stand or sit close to you to take note of sensitive information (like passwords) as you type them.

Use the browser’s private mode

Private mode is really handy when using public computers. It means that your web activity won’t be traced; making sure your information and where you’ve been is kept safe from strangers.

You can find out how to use private mode, or turn on something called ‘InPrivate browsing’, for each of the major browsers below:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge

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