My Virgin Media email has been hacked

If you’re concerned your account has been accessed by someone else, or you’ve noticed spam being sent from your Virgin Media email address, follow our practical advice.

Scan your devices for malware

Didn’t find a virus? Someone probably used your username and password to get into your account.

If you got our ‘Compromised mail’ alert, they may be using your address to send junk or spam emails, but don’t worry – they’re temporarily blocked from using your account, unable to change a thing.

Secure your Virgin Media account

  1. Sign in on My Virgin Media – when you’re in, tap My Profile > Change Password.
  2. Create your password – so new, you’ve never used it on the internet before. If you’re using Outlook or an email app to check your Virgin Media Mail, remember to update it with this new password.
  3. Reset your security question and answer – stops someone secretly resetting your password.
  4. Go back to My Profile, if you need to update your contact email address – used to contact you if your services are affected by something significant.

Review your Auto Forward settings

  1. Go to and sign in using your My Virgin Media account details.
  2. Tap Menu > Settings > Email > Auto Forward.
  3. Check the email addresses – delete the forwarding rule for any you don’t recognise, so they stop getting your messages unintentionally.

Where can I find more information?

  • Join our online community and start a conversation on the Security Matters forum.
  • Explore our Security Hub for more articles on the topic.

Just so you know, we can’t offer technical support – or be responsible for what you’re told on or forums, or for any problems you may have while following our advice. F-Secure and ESET are responsible for their websites, technical support and any issues you have while applying these steps (not us).

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