How to change the settings on my Virgin Media box

By changing the settings on your box, you can personalise Virgin Media TV to best suit you. Learn how to set favourite channels, fine tune your audio settings and lots more.

How to set favourite channels

Setting favourite channels makes it easier to find the shows you love. How you set your favourite channels depends on what box you have. Choose yours from the options below and follow the steps:

How to set up a profile on the Virgin TV 360 box

To set up your profile:

  1. Press the button on the side of the 360 remote

  2. Select the (or the big + sign to add a new profile)

  3. Select the pen symbol under the profile name (or go through the new profile set up if you selected the +)

How to add favourite channels on the Virgin TV 360 box

When you’ve set up a profile, you can set your favourite channels. To do this:

  1. Go to Manage channels (or select Create List if you just created a new profile)

  2. Find the channel you want to set as a favourite and press OK on the 360 remote. You should see a heart symbol appear next to the channel when you select it.

  3. Repeat the process to select at least 2 more channels as favourites.

  4. When you have selected at least 3 channels, press the Back button Now your favourites will be saved. To view your favourite channels, simply press the profile button on the side of the remote and select your profile

To set your favourite channels on a V6 or TiVo Box:

  1. Press Home on the remote

  2. Select Help & Settings

  3. Choose Settings

  4. Select Favourite Channels

  5. Highlight a channel and press Thumbs Up on the remote to make it a favourite. If you’d like to remove a channel from your favourites, simply press Thumbs Down.

Using your favourite channels.

There are two ways you can access your favourite channels.

From the Home Screen:

  1. Press Home on the remote

  2. Select TV Guide

  3. Select My Favourites

Using the TV Guide or Mini Guide:

  1. Press Blue on the remote to bring up the Guide categories

  2. Select My Favourites

If you’ve set your favourite channels in the TV Guide or Mini Guide, it will reset to all channels after one hour.

How to rename a Virgin TV box

Renaming your box makes it easier to identify on your network. This can help if you’re using Virgin TV Control or are streaming shows from one Virgin TV box to another using multi-room viewing.

To rename the 360 box:

  1. Press Home on the 360 remote

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select System

  4. Select Rename boxes

To rename a V6 or TiVo box:

  1. Press Home on the remote

  2. Select Help & Settings

  3. Select Settings

  4. Select Devices

  5. Select Name this TiVo box. You can then select one of the pre-set names or enter one of your own using the keypad on the Virgin TV remote.

You can also rename the Virgin TV V6 box using your computer. To do this:

  1. Go to Virgin TV Go using your browser

  2. Click Manage My TiVo

  3. Select Change next to the box you want to rename

  4. In the first box replace the existing name with the name you want to use for that box

  5. Click Save Changes When you’ve made your change, it may just take a few minutes for the new name to show on the box and your computer screen.

Finding my box’s default name (TSN). If you have more than one box and haven’t renamed them yet, you might find it difficult to work out what each box is called. To find out your box’s default name, you need to find its TiVo Service Number (TSN). To do this:

  1. Press Home on the remote

  2. Select Help & Settings

  3. Select System Info

  4. Select System Info again

  5. The TiVo Service Number (TSN) will be shown on the first screen

How to change the display settings

To change the picture format on Virgin Media TV:

  1. Press Home on the remote

  2. Select Help & Settings

  3. Choose Settings

  4. Select Video Output

  5. You can then adjust the following:

This lets you adjust the way the TV picture fits into your screen.

Select from the following options:

  • Full: Set your picture to fill the entire screen. 16:9 (Widescreen) content will display normally, but programs shown in 4:3 may look stretched to fill the full screen.

  • Panel: Perfect if you’re watching a film or program shot in widescreen. Programs shown in 16:9 will be displayed normally, but programs shot in 4:3 might be displayed with bars on the left and right of the picture.

  • Zoom: Widescreen content will display normally in this mode, but 4:3 content might appear with the top and bottom cut off.

Set the colour of the bars displayed in Panel mode. Choose between grey and black. Can’t change the colour of the bars using this option? It’s likely the bars have been added by the broadcaster, rather than the box, and so can’t be changed.

Selecting Video Output Format lets you set the resolution your content is broadcast in. Generally, the higher the number, the sharper and more detailed the picture will be.

Select Test Formats and follow the on-screen prompts, and your box will identify all the formats your television can display. You can then select Auto Detect and your box will select the best resolution from the available options automatically. Or, you can select the resolution or resolutions you’d like your box to use manually by placing a tick beside them.

How to change the network settings

To see your network settings:

  1. Press Home on the remote

  2. Select Help & Settings

  3. Choose Settings

  4. Select Network You can then choose from the following options:

Connect to the network manually. Your box connects to the network automatically every few hours, but you can select this option to perform a manual update of your program listing or info. You can still watch live TV, set up recordings and search for shows while your box connects.

Test your connection and run tests related to your network to make sure your service is running properly.

View details about your network connection.

How to access your messages

We’ll keep you up to date on what’s new, important TV schedule changes, and any other details you need to know about your service by sending messages to your box. When you get a message, an envelope will appear next to the Help & Settings menu on the Home screen. To access your messages:

  1. Press Home on the remote

  2. Select Help & Settings

  3. Select Messages to see your inbox. Any unread messages are marked with a Message Icon

  4. Select a message and press OK If the whole message doesn’t fit on your screen, you can use the Channel Up / Down to scroll through it.

Need more help with your settings?

You can find more help with your TV settings on your box. To do this:

  1. Press Home on your remote

  2. Select Help & Settings

  3. Select Help