How to get apps and games on Virgin TV

If there are kids around, remember, you can set up parental controls for these Virgin Media TV apps when you’ve found out where they are on the TV box…

How to get BBC iPlayer on Virgin TV

  • Press the red button while you’re watching a BBC channel.

  • Or tap Home on the remote: choose Apps & Games > iPlayer. Or Catch Up > Channels > iPlayer.

How to get Netflix on Virgin TV

  1. Tap Home on the remote.

  2. Choose Apps & Games > All Apps > Netflix.

  3. Subscribe to Netflix via the TV box (if you don’t already).

  4. Follow the prompts to sign in and get set up. Pressing OK on the remote will bring up the keyboard on your screen.

Got Netflix’s mobile app? Connect your phone or tablet to our home WiFi, so you can use this to control Netflix on the Virgin TV box.

If you’ve a premium Netflix account, here’s how to connect your 4K Ultra HD TV and audio system to the Virgin TV box. Enjoy the higher definition.

How to get Prime Video on Virgin TV

  1. Switch the broadband Hub to router mode, so the Prime Video app can sync with our network.

  2. Tap Home on the remote.

  3. Go to Apps & Games > All Apps > Amazon Prime Video.

  4. Follow the prompts to link your Amazon Prime account to the TV box.

  5. Change the Hub back to modem mode.

Just so you know, the app streams in standard definition (SDR format) not 4K or Ultra HD (HDR formats) at the moment.

How to get YouTube and YouTube Kids on Virgin TV

  • Tap Home on the remote: choose Apps & Games > YouTube (or YouTube Kids).

  • Or cast videos from the YouTube mobile app to your telly: just connect your phone or tablet to our home WiFi or pair your devices with the TV box…

    1. Open the YouTube app on your telly.

    2. Highlight the Pair option (below Settings) and press OK.

    3. Grab your device, go to and enter this code on your TV.

How to get Vevo on Virgin TV

  • Go to channel 300 and press the red button.

  • Or tap Home on the remote. Choose either Apps & Games > All Apps > Vevo; or On Demand > Music Playlists > Vevo; or Search & Discover > Vevo.

With your remote, you can use the app’s search feature or browse 192,000 videos from 20,000 music artists. Sounds fantastic.

How to get Hopster on Virgin TV

  1. Add the Kids TV Pick to your bundle for £5 a month, unless you have Ultimate Oomph (Hopster’s included).

  2. Go to Apps & Games > All Apps > Hopster.

Entertain your 2 to 6 year old with the app’s music, games and telly – Hopster shows, without adverts, are chosen by experts in childhood education and development. And my, what a selection. Introduce your pre-schooler to beloved characters (The Gruffalo, Sesame Street, Pingu), as well as fun learning – educational shows include the likes of Kids Black History, Monster Math Squad, Bino & Fino – more. No wonder Hopster won 2 Children’s BAFTA nominations.

Add apps to My Favourites

  1. Tap Home on the remote.

  2. Go to Apps & Games and highlight an app you’re using lots.

  3. Press Thumbs Up to favourite the app (or Thumbs Down to remove it from My Favourites).