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How do I change my Virgin Media account holder details?

To change the name on the account, or transfer the account to another person you’ve come to the right place.

I need to change my name or my name is spelt wrong

Here’s what to do

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Step 1

Download the
Change of Details Form and follow the instructions on the form to complete it


Step 2

Make a copy of one of the below documents to send with your completed form

Marriage certificate
Civil partnership certificate
Deed poll documentation

Step 3

Send the form and copy of your document
 via email or post: Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA

If we've made a mistake with how your name is spelled on your account, then you can also use this form and simply include the details of what we need to correct.

Once we’ve got the form

Once we’ve received your information we’ll aim to change the name on the account within 48 hours of receipt of the completed form and documentation. Your services will remain unaffected whilst we update your account

Note: You can’t use this form to change the person responsible for the account. Please see the Account Transfer section for details on how to change the account holder.

Account holder is critically ill or has passed away

Here are other reasons why you may need to change the account details, we have dedicated help for each of these areas.

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