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Virgin Media WebSafe FAQs

Want to know more about Web Safe? We've pulled together some of the most popular questions.

Virgin Media has switched on your parental controls by default. We think this site may be fraudulent, contain material that’s unsuitable for children or viruses that could be harmful – and so it’s been blocked by your account’s Web Safe settings.

You can change your settings at any time. Simply sign into your My Virgin Media account, go to My Apps and then Web Safe.

Web Safe works with any device connected to your home network, to block websites with viruses or malicious and unsuitable content.

Virgin Media Internet Security works by scanning each file downloaded onto your PC and attempting to block any malicious website before it reaches your computer. See Virgin Media Internet Security for more details. 

It’s important to remember that Web Safe protects all your devices connected via your router, whereas anti-virus software only protects the device it’s installed on.

For best protection, we recommend using Virgin Media Internet Security and Web Safe.

Web Safe child safe mode only applies to your broadband connection and won’t change any of your TV Go or TiVo parental control settings.

Your Web Safe only protects you when you’re at home and connected to your broadband. If a friend has Virgin Broadband and their Web Safe malware protection is switched on, you’ll be protected while connected to their broadband.

For complete protection on your favourite devices, we recommend installing Virgin Media Internet Security.

Yes. As well as providing protection for all the devices on your home network 24/7, Web Safe is automatically updated. While this provides the most effective protection, it’s not possible to guarantee 100% protection due to the ever-changing nature of the web.

Web Safe will block HTTPS websites if they fall in your blocked websites list or if the related website category is blocked.

When an HTTPS site is blocked, you will receive a normal browser error message saying it can’t connect to the webpage, instead of our Web Safe blocked message. For example, if a social networking site is blocked on your Web Safe settings, then any secure link associated with a social media site will take you to an error page.

You won’t need to block the HTTPS version of a site if you’ve already chosen to block the main site through your Web Safe settings.

Web Safe only works when you’re connected to your Virgin Broadband at home.

Although Virgin Media WiFi includes content protection, to make sure you’re protected when you’re on the go, we recommend you install F-Secure SAFE.

Web Safe only works on devices connected to your Virgin Broadband at home. If your Virgin Mobile is connected to your home broadband, you can browse protected.

Once you leave your house you won’t be protected by Web Safe, although Virgin Mobile does include parental control options. For the best protection on your most-used devices, install F-Secure SAFE.

Although we do our best to provide families with excellent parental controls, technology cannot provide 100% protection from all potential issues kids are facing online.

That’s why we have created Switched on Families – an online platform and interactive guide to keep parents informed and confident about their choices for managing their home internet.

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