What’s my Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile Credit Limit?

What’s a Credit Limit? What happens if you exceed a Credit Limit? And how do I check if my account has credit?

What’s a Credit Limit?

When you join Virgin Media and/or Virgin Mobile we may apply a Credit Limit to your account. This is based on the results of your credit check and the services you have with us. Having a Credit Limit means it’s easier to stay in control of what you’re spending. We’ll always do our best to let you know when you’re near your Credit Limit and if you exceed it.

Your Credit Limit will be the most you could spend on usage charges since your last bill, and includes chargeable telephone calls, TV on demand and interactive purchases. You can find out your Virgin Mobile Credit Limit on your bill.

What’s a spend limit?

If you’re a Virgin Media customer and there’s an amount outstanding from your previous bill, we might place a temporary spend limit of £30 on your account. This spend limit will stay in place until your outstanding balance is paid in full.

A spend limit applies to costs that are outside of your standard monthly package, such as calls, pay-per-view and interactive services. If you go over this spend limit, your services may be restricted.

If you haven’t registered for My Virgin Media or can't remember your details, see Managing your Broadband, TV and Phone account with My Virgin Media.

What’s the difference between Spending Cap and Credit Limit?

You’ll always have a Credit Limit. It’s the max you can spend on your pay monthly plan and your extra usage charges, combined.

Your Virgin Mobile Spending Cap will be lower – you’re free to add, change and get rid of this anytime on Your Account. It lets you control how much you can spend on top of your pay monthly plan, such as on extra data, picture messaging and other out-of-allowance charges.

What happens if you go over your Credit Limit?

How do I check if my Virgin Mobile account has credit?

  1. Sign in on Your Account
  2. Open a bill and select the tab for Your Credits

You’ll see any credits you were given as a gesture of goodwill or from special offers.

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