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GDPR & you

Here's the info on your info


The data protection laws are changing and that’s great news for you. It means you now have more control over your personal information. It also means businesses must be clearer on how they collect and use your information. So, to put you in the picture, here’s a quick heads up on The General Data Protection Regulation , or GDPR for short.

As a Virgin Media customer, we hold some of your details. To find out more about GDPR and how we collect and use your information, please read our Privacy Policy here.


GDPR is a new law on data protection and privacy that gives control over your personal information back to you. And although it’s a European law, it’ll still apply after Brexit. If you want to find out more about the detail of GDPR the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website is a good source, you can find that here.

Your info helped us do things like tell you about programmes, services and offers we think you’ll love. We collected your details in the following ways:

· When you applied for or bought something from us.

· When you talked to us on the phone, by email, or via electronic messaging (such as SMS, MMS or live chat tools), or when you wrote to us or visited us in our retail stores.

· If you filled in a questionnaire.

· When you used our products and services.

· When you visited our website.

Sometimes, to help us make our service even better, we may supplement this information with data from third parties.

All the information about how we collected your data can be found in our new Privacy Policy. (It’s quite detailed, so you might want to make yourself a cuppa first.)

It’s no biggie – your information simply went towards bringing you a better service, like showing you new products, speeding up your orders and giving you access to online services.

Sometimes we share your information with other parties, just so we can make your experience even better. To find out more please read our Privacy Policy.

We’ll only keep your information for as long as necessary (but no longer than we have to). Just in case you need to access records or there is a dispute to resolve.

You’ve trusted us with your details, so it’s your right to have access to clear, easy to understand information about them. If any details are inaccurate you’ve got the right to have them corrected. You also have new rights, like the right to erasure and the right to restrict processing, which give you more control over your data. For full details on your data rights and how to exercise them, please read our Privacy Policy.

At Virgin Media we value your privacy and want to be clear about the data we collect, how we use it and your rights to control that information. We are working flat out to deliver these changes and give you an even better experience. This is why we are making changes to our Privacy Policy and delivering new ways for you to manage your data. Some of these experiences will be evolving over the coming months as we work to improve how we deliver these to our customers.

If you need any more info about your info and GDPR, please write to us at:  Data Protection Team, Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA or send an email to



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