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Butler! Bring me an action-packed film

Butler! Bring me an action-packed film

As Hunter Killer arrives to buy on the Virgin Media Store, check out our Gerard Butler-inspired disaster survival guide

To celebrate his latest action-packed thriller, we take a look at a Gerard Butler survival guide to a plethora of entirely plausible disasters… 

Hunter Killer, available to buy on the Virgin Media Store. Cert 15

Since bursting onto our screens back in the early noughties, Gerard Butler has become one of cinema’s most beloved gravel-voiced leading men – seamlessly shifting from charming viewers socks off in romcoms to single-handedly protecting presidents in many an explosive action movie.


We love the Butler, so you can imagine our joy when we heard that the good ship Hunter Killer is now available to buy on the Virgin Media Store!

Starring alongside the legendary Gary Oldman, Butler (who also co-produces) plays a submarine captain tasked with rescuing the Russian President from a coup in a plot packed with intrigue and plenty of no-holds-barred nautical action.


As you might expect, it’s a tense affair, and one that throws Oldman’s Admiral Charles Donnegan and Butler’s Captain Joe Glass right into the thick of an almighty doomsday scenario.


But before you set submerge on the sofa and take a dive into this deep-sea thrill ride, check out our list of Gerard Butler-inspired survival techniques that might just get you out of a tight spot should a ridiculously exaggerated disaster befall you.


In case of: Adverse weather conditions

Watch Geostorm, available to buy on the Virgin Media Store

We’ve all been there. Cloudless skies suddenly make way for pouring rain, leaving your umbrella-less self soaked to the skin. But as Butler demonstrated in 2017’s Geostorm, all you need to do to keep yourself bone dry is hack into the weather itself! So be more Butler – set the weather to your preferred climate and bask in your god-like powers. (Results may vary.)

In case of: A sudden stamp drought

Watch P.S. I Love You, available to buy on the Virgin Media Store

You’ve important letters to send, but alas, there’s a global stamp drought in effect, hindering your ability to maintain contact with your loved ones. If the thought of such an inconvenience gets you hot under the collar, then fear not. Take a leaf (or envelope) out of Gerard Butler’s rather substantial stationary supply in P.S. I Love You, and pre-write years’ worth of correspondence in one immense writing session!

In case of: Locking yourself out of the house

Watch 300, available to buy on the Virgin Media Store

It’s been a long day at work, you’ve arrived at your front door only to find that your keys are missing! Aargh! You prod at it, jimmy the handle and give it a good glare, but still the door won’t budge. And then, like a premonition, Gerard Butler’s faultless kicking form from 300 enters your mind. You replicate his straight stance and stone-like core, and give the door an almighty kick, sending it soaring across the foyer in splinters. Boom. Who needs keys?


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