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You can buy John Wick: Chapter 4!

You can buy John Wick: Chapter 4!

The world’s hardest-working hitman is on fine, neck-snapping form in the most explosive chapter yet of this beloved series

By Jon Billinge, Senior Staff Writer

Of all the cinematic tropes, one we truly love to sink our teeth into is that of the brooding antihero. We love to ruminate on why good people do bad things and dive deep into their complex and unravelling backstory.


But what we love even more is John Wick (Keanu Reeves), arguably the most straightforward movie hitman ever. For Mr Wick, any time and effort that might be put aside for unpicking through past traumas is better spent Krav Maga-ing his way through a man’s spine. 



If you truly do need catching up on this most gleefully uncomplicated of timelines, we’ll summarise the flashpoints from the first three entries: John Wick – a canine calamity befalls our hero. John is mad; John Wick: Chapter 2 – someone’s stolen his ride. John is really mad; John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum – John is exiled. He’s really, really mad.

And yet, having not learned any lessons from the eye-watering body counts of his previous outings, the bad guys just keep on coming. The mysterious High Table – a governing body overseeing the world’s most powerful crime groups – is still smarting after John assassinated a high-ranking member on consecrated ground, and also for the much simpler reason that he just won’t die.


In Chapter 4 we find John chasing (on horseback) a lead that could reveal more about the High Table and potentially a way to get the target off his back once and for all. 



But trouble is never more than a few feet away, with former acquaintances reneging on long-established truces, up-and-comers looking to make their mark and a young High Table upstart (menacingly played by Bill Skarsgård, IT) hellbent on bringing John to his knees. 

As ever, the action is nothing short of frenetic. Barely a minute passes without a shot fired, punch thrown or bad guy bodyslammed into an oncoming vehicle. If you thought the ante couldn’t be upped, think again. There are some truly balletic scenes of absolute carnage, from a deadly chase through the traffic surrounding the Arc de Triomphe to a bullet-strewn slog up a seemingly never-ending set of stairs.


Alongside the ever-excellent Reeves and the aforementioned Skarsgård you’ll spot a host of big names. Legendary actor and martial arts expert Donnie Yen is sprightly as ever, while renowned Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada (Bullet Train) brings gravitas to retired assassin and club owner Shimazi, and relative newcomer and pop megastar Rina Sawayama plays eagle-eyed ally Akira.


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