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Take a trip around the world in a day!

Take a trip around the world in a day!

Get closer to our incredible planet than ever before with Earth: One Amazing Day

Discover even more of our astonishing natural world with this dazzling documentary film

Earth: One Amazing Day, Saturday 16 June, 7.30pm, BBC Two/HD (CH 102/162). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > BBC iPlayer

Thinking about quitting your job, raiding your savings and going on a round-the-world adventure? Hold that thought, because you can explore the globe in a far more convenient way by watching the awe-inspiring Earth: One Amazing Day.


Narrated by Hollywood legend Robert Redford and created by BBC Earth Films, this stunning sequel to 2007’s Earth – the second highest-grossing nature documentary of all time, after March Of The Penguins – will leave you with eyes wide and jaw dropped long before the credits have rolled.


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Over the course of a single day (though it took three years to make), the full breadth of nature is examined like never before thanks to the use of cutting-edge camera technology.


Vivid, colourful and immersive, the film will transport you from the world’s highest mountains to its most isolated islands – and everywhere in between. In fact, the film-makers visited 22 countries to capture what makes our planet truly unique.


But for all the lush landscapes that feature, there’s no escaping the fact that the real stars of the show are the amazing animals. With 38 species on show – from baby zebras tackling raging rivers and bears scratching their backs on tree trunks, to hummingbirds buzzing for nectar and pandas being, well… pandas – there’s something for everyone.


And who doesn’t love watching cute animals doing cute things?


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