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5 reasons to watch Extraction

5 reasons to watch Extraction

Netflix’s new action-packed thriller starring Chris Hemsworth will leave you gasping for breath

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If you’re looking for something to shake you from your lockdown-induced ennui, Netflix has just the thing. And then some.


Based on the graphic novel Ciudad, Extraction stars Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a troubled mercenary who is enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of a crime lord in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Is anything going to stand in his way? No, no it isn’t.


Want to know why Extraction is one of the year’s must-watch action movies? Here are five fist-pumping reasons…


1. It’s a non-stop thrill ride

Had enough of yoga, baking, and knitting right now? Like a perfectly timed tonic, Extraction is a film that’s up to its sinewy neck in adrenalin-fuelled, sweat-soaked, macho action. It’s relentless. So relentless, you’ll be pumped up the next time you make the short walk from your sofa to the fridge.


2. It’s a bit silly

But in the best possible way. Think of all your favourite action flicks. You don’t love them for their nuances, do you? Big physical thrillers like this are supposed to paint with a broader brush, sweeping you up in the breathless drama. And Extraction will most definitely sweep you up.


3. Chris Hemsworth makes a compelling antihero

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction on Netflix

Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) is a decent bloke who has no problem bumping off a load of people – and we really do mean a load – to get the job done. But this isn’t some one-dimensional performance from Hemsworth. Rake’s dry humour and tragic past mean things go a little deeper than that.


4. The Russo brothers are involved

Having already directed four blockbusters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (including Avengers: Endgame), Anthony and Joe Russo have once again teamed up with Thor, sorry, Chris Hemsworth, to deliver something bombastic. Here, the Russos were involved in production and screenplay duties, with frequent collaborator Sam Hargreave directing for the first time.


5. The setting adds to the tension

Heart-pounding action movies must always be set in bustling locations. That’s just the way it is. The packed streets and dusty rooftops of Dhaka (filming also took place in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and other cities) provide the perfect playground for lots and lots of butt-kicking fun. Strap yourself in.


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If you’re already a Netflix subscriber, you can also access the app through Search & Discover or by pressing Red on channel 204. Just sign in with your existing login and start watching. And you’ll only have to log in the first time you use it. 


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