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Ever been hoodwinked by a spam email? We thought as much. Even though spammers have been bothering us for years, it's still one of the most effective ways to trick you into revealing your credit card information...

Stay F-Secure SAFE

As internet security improves, online criminals have become even more reliant on old-fashioned methods for having their wicked way – like through spam. They know that, by flooding millions of email inboxes, a tiny success rate will be enough to keep their illegal business afloat.


And the reason it works so well? Because spammers understand the basic principles of psychology that make their scams so successful. So we've teamed up with F-Secure to help keep you safe online. Here are the three things the spammers already know about you that makes their job all too easy...

1. You’ve bought something online recently

Almost every time you buy something online, you're likely to see at least one spam email. “E-commerce is now so common it only takes a simple ‘Your order cannot be delivered’ – nothing else is needed,” Sean Sullivan, advisor for cyber security company F-Secure, explains. “The amount of spam pushed practically guarantees that numerous recipients will actually be waiting for a delivery.”

2. You trust beloved brands

Research by F-Secure Labs over the first half of this year shows that Amazon, PayPal, Apple, Microsoft, eHarmony, Facebook and are the companies most likely to be imitated by spammers. It’s easy to fall for this trick, as we interact with these trusted brands on a near-daily basis.

3. We keep clicking before thinking

Never click on anything in an email that you weren’t expecting. Clicking on zip files, attachments or links will keep the crooks in business. So although your webmail and work mail are probably pretty good at keeping spam out of your inbox, don’t let that make you too trusting when unwanted emails do make it through the net.

Download F-Secure today

If you're a Virgin Fibre or Virgin Mobile customer you can try F-Secure SAFE free for 12 months (worth £79.99), protecting up to five devices. Then it’s just £25 per year after that. Just register here and install onto all your devices.