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Check out our round-up of 20 side-splitting, action-packed party games the whole family can enjoy this Christmas...

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With this Christmas (like much of 2020) now being pretty much a digital affair, there’s no better time to get playing some seriously fun, pixelated party games fit for all the family to enjoy.


We’ve assembled a bumper list of titles that are sure to provide laughs, tension, sofa-thumping moments of fun-filled frustration and maybe even the odd occasion of seismic familial betrayal (if you’ve ever blue shelled your nan on Mario Kart, you know what we’re talking about…)

So get reading, downloading, playing (and practicing) some of these absolute corkers so that they’re ready and waiting for when the fam gets back together this Christmas…


1. Beat The Intro

Available to play online

Put your musical know-how to the test and compete with friends with this ingenious game. Speed is key, as the sooner you guess the song, the more points you score. Fast-paced gaming fun at its finest.


As well as being available on iOS, this Christmas you can now play Beat The Intro on video chat for up to ten teams. Simply share a link, join a room and compete for the ultimate music bragging rights.


There’s a wide variety of categories to choose from, including songs by decade, songs by genre and, brilliantly, Christmas songs, too. Whether you’re after current chart hits or the classics, there’s something for everyone.


Try Beat The Intro now

2. Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Available to play on Android

Trick and outwit your family with this bonkers app that sees contestants attempt to lure one another into selecting fake answers to real trivia questions. First man on the moon? Buzz Lightyear, surely.


3. Snipperclips

Available to play on Nintendo Switch

If out-and-out competitiveness threatens to turn your loved ones against each another, then this brain-tickler of a puzzle game that has you working together to solve a number of cute and colourful puzzles should help to mend those once irreparable rifts.


4. Scribblenauts Showdown

Available to play on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Similarly to Who Can’t Draw?, Scribblenauts Showdown has players pitting their wits against, and attempting to outwit (and outdraw), each other in a series of 25 action-packed, increasingly mad minigames.


5. Gang Beasts

Available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Wii U

If there’s a more satisfyingly harmless but slightly violent way to vent some of those good ol’ family frustrations than Gang Beasts, in which you kick, punch, throw and generally duke it out as soft, cuddly “beasts” in various environments, we haven’t heard of it.


6. Uno

Available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and Mac

If, like us, your set of IRL Uno cards were lost in a freak boating accident back in 1993, then this equally amazing video game version is a more than suitable substitute.


7. 51 Worldwide Games

Available to play on Nintendo Switch

In another game that does exactly what it says on the tin, this handy little title offers up a jaw-dropping 51 separate card, board and parlour games to enjoy. Sure, arrogant older brother Timmy may be backgammon master, but can he handle younger brother Jimmy’s Hanafuda skills? There’s only one way to find out…


8. Wattam

Available to play on PC, PS4 and Mac

Another absolutely bonkers game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, Wattam is his latest quirky, charming creation, focusing on bringing lonely, increasingly surreal objects and pairings back together. Strange, simple fun at its absolute best.


9. Heads Up!

Available to play on Android and iOS

Effectively Charades but on your phone, this cracking and easily accessible little app brings a legendary party game into the 21st Century. There’s no shortage to the number of laughs that can be had with this one.


10. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Available to play on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Though Mario Kart will always, in our (potentially controversial) opinion, be the king of kart racing, Crash Bandicoot and his pals are a close contender for the crown should Mario ever abdicate, especially when it comes to this recent remake of the legendary kart racer.


11. Overcooked! 2

Available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mac

Teams of up to four players must prepare, cook and send out orders as fast as they can to customers in a series of surreal restaurants in this bonkers, brilliant and incredibly stressful (yet fun) party game. Who said the kids can’t cook? Oh… lots of hungry customers, apparently.


12. Among Us

Available to play on PC, Android and iOS

This 2018 indie title suddenly shot into the gaming stratosphere in 2020, creating suspicion-induced rifts between friends and families as each player scurries through a space station looking to complete tasks and, they hope, find the imposters tasked with killing the rest of the crew. Lying to your family has never been so fun.


13. Super Mario Party

Available to play on Nintendo Switch

The OG party game master himself (it’ a him, Maaario) presents a plethora of minigames for yourself and the fam to enjoy in the latest addition to the long-running Mario Party series. It’s a great shout for anyone unfamiliar with games in general and, crucially, provides plenty of pure, uninhibited fun.


14. Worms W.M.D

Available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mac

If the older generations have taken a beating in some of the other games mentioned in this list, then Worms W.M.D is the time for them to get their own back. The latest – and potentially greatest – addition to the long-running series of tactical artillery games, W.M.D proves the franchise hasn’t lost any of its goofy, fun-filled charm.


15. Push Me Pull You

Available to play PC, PS4 and Mac

Untitled Goose Game developers House House once again combine weirdness with fun with this innovative party game that sees players pushing, pulling and attempting to wrestle two sausage-like people and take possession of a small ball. It’s like FIFA, except way, way weirder and, well, not remotely like FIFA.


16. Minecraft

Available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

We know, we know. Minecraft isn’t, technically, a party game. But, that said, the sheer amount of explorative fun that can be had via split-screen is, we think, more than enough of a justification to include it in this list. It’s also a great game for people who have never played games before.


17. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Available to play on Nintendo Switch

We’re not saying you haven’t lived if you’ve never experienced the sheer thrill of blue-shelling your older siblings or sending your children into the Rainbow Road-flanking shadow realm, but you’re undoubtedly missing out on creating some formative, highly interesting family time memories.


18. Frantics

Available to play on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Suitably frantic action-arena brawls, tense, tactical, turn-based competitions and everything in between await any family brave enough to duke it out with one another on Frantics, which is easily one of the most action-packed party games we’ve seen for some time!


19. Muddledash

Available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch and Mac

“Party hats are mandatory” for this side-scrolling party game that sees players race cute, octopus-like creatures across colourful maps and attempt to be the first to arrive at a party with the coveted gift. Fast, frenetic fun.


20. The Jackbox Party Pack 6

Available to play on PC, Mac and Android

This stunning game is the closest we’ve come to being on a real game show since our disastrous stint on Mastermind. Five hilarious minigames allow groups from two to ten players to compete in increasingly nonsensical challenges, where the sole purpose is to basically have everyone rolling on the floor laughing come the end of the round.


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