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Rip-roaring RPGs, mind-boggling puzzles, non-stop action set-pieces and nail-biting overtakes await this month…

By Virgin TV Edit

We know, we know. How, after a month as STACKED with cracking titles and games as June can July, possibly, compete? It had Disintergration, The Last Of Us Part II and, in what is probably our game of the year, Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge (“you have selected, power drive”).


But, stacked as it was, June will soon make way for July. And, along with it, a whole new cohort of cracking new games for players to sink their controllers into. Pumped to find out what lays in store? Simply read on below…


Trackmania Nations

Available to play from Wednesday 1 July on PC

New to Trackmania? Well, if so, this is the perfect place to start. Effectively a polished, remastered version of the 2013 original, Trackmania Nations has you tearing round countless pre-installed or fan-made tracks in small, Tron-esque F1 cars. Think Wipeout, but with little cars and no rockets. Ridiculously addictive.


Infliction: Extended Cut

Available to play from Thursday 2 July on Nintendo Switch

Glue your pants on for this one, because Infliction is sure to scare them off if you’re not careful. Now available to “enjoy” on the Switch, the plot plops you into a terrifying, oh-so-haunted house and has you scouring it for clues that will help you avoid the plethora of demons chasing you through its tight corridors and rooms. Terrifying? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.


Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Available to play from Friday 3 July on PlayStation VR

Via the medium of VR, never before has motion sickness been so fun… we joke. With Marvel’s Iron Man VR, you, yes you, can finally channel your inner-Tony Stark and get soaring through the skies and zapping enemies on a whim.


The Wonderful 101: Remastered

Available to play from Friday 3 July on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Much like the original, this stunning remastered edition to the smash-hit Wii U title has you commandeering an army of 100 “special ones” to tackle an equally fearsome army of alien invaders. Action-packed, colourful, cartoonish fun is a certainty.


Castle Kong

Available to play from Saturday 4 July on Nintendo Switch

Pining for the old-school, one-more-go-style gameplay of arcade games? Boom – Castle Kong is the game for you. Inspired (unsurprisingly) by Donkey Kong, Castle Kong features over 20 challenging levels and only three lives for players to complete them all. Plus, who doesn’t like eight-bit castles?



Available to play from Thursday 9 July on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

2D, side-scrolling action? Um, yes please. Non-stop, combat-tastic RPG elements (including fiery “KO” symbols flashing up on screen)? Abso-lutely. SNES-inspired graphics and a sumptuous score to go with them? HUMUNAH HUMUNAH HUMUNAH! CrossCode is sick. Play it please.


Elden: Path Of The Forgotten

Available to play from Thursday 9 July on PC and Nintendo Switch

Plenty of Earthsea-style fantasy weirdness and nerve-jangling tension lay in store with this brilliantly styilised, atmospheric indie title, in which you guide a young man through a mystical world in order to help save his mother. Seriously good stuff.


Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town

Available to play from Friday 10 July on PC and Nintendo Switch

If Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ new-game feel has well and truly worn off by now, fear not! For Story Of Seasons packs as much farming-based fun and cartoonish cuteness as the former and breathes new life into the Game Boy Advance classic to boot.


Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

Available to play from Friday 10 July on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Only a Japanese-made, Final Fantasy-esque action-RPG could have a title that… confusing? Strange name aside, Sword Art Online, the latest video game adaptation of the book series of the same name, sees all the beloved SAO characters once again leaping into online worlds to do battle.


Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise

Available to play from Friday 10 July on Nintendo Switch

At long last, the 2010, open-world survival horror title finally gets a sequel. This chilling new adventure sees players journey through two time-spanning mysteries as detectives, with both looking to unearth the shady secrets clouding each eerie, nerve-wracking location.


F1 2020

Available to play from Friday 10 July on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia

F1 2019 was a significant leap forward for Codemaster’s longstanding F1 franchise. Deeper RPG development mechanics and graphical overhauls shot it to the top of their ten-year serving of titles. Now, with new circuits, mind-boggling new features (“My Team” creator, anyone?), refined mechanics and the cars’ customary handling that players know and love, F1 fanatics and newcomers alike will find plenty to enjoy with F1 2020.



Available to play from Friday 10 July on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

If the tight, twisting turns of F1 2020 aren’t circular enough for you, then NASCAR Heat 5 will be right up your Atlanta Motor Speedway. Burn rubber and race alongside people with names like Jimmie Johnson, Bubba Wallace and BJ McLeod in this fast-paced, fuel-injected NASCAR racing sim.


Death Stranding

Available to play from Tuesday 14 July on PC

PC players can finally explore the slightly terrifying and oh-so-memorable offering from mastermind Hideo Kojima, in which you deliver packages and avoid sinister-looking baddies in a beautifully odd post-apocalyptic world.


Neon Abyss

Available to play from Tuesday 14 July on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Expect plenty of Enter The Gungeon-type madness, colourful settings and no shortage of action with this stylish, side-scrolling piece of gun-shooting, enemy-exploding beauty that has you running and gunning your way through an ever-changing sequence of nightclub-looking dungeons. It’s loud, lairy, and boy is it entertaining to play.


Hunting Simulator 2

Available to play from Wednesday 15 July on the PC

While the great outdoors remains off limits for the foreseeable, this insanely detailed hunting sim (which allows you to track and capture 33 different species in Texan deserts and the forests of Colorado and Europe) is a solid alternative. If hunting is your thing, that is. Otherwise, probably not.


Radical Rabbit Stew

Available to play from Thursday 16 July on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

This game is about as bonkers as 2D puzzle platformers are likely to get. Cutting-edge, “whack-a-rabbit” gameplay (what a sentence that is…) has you attempting to wrestle a bunch of rowdy, “radical” rabbit foes into submission with a series of brain-tickling puzzles. Great fun.


Ghost Of Tsushima

Available to play from Friday 17 July on PS4

Ohhhhhhhhh mama, does this game look good or what? Damn. This Kurosawa-style epic, set in 13th Century Japan, has you controlling the last remaining samurai on Tsushima island as he attempts to reclaim it from the Mongol invaders. Style, action-packed gameplay and a sumptuous open-world… this is, by far, the game to play in July.


Drake Hollow

Available to play from Friday 17 July on the PC and Xbox One

In what looks like the lovechild of Fortnite and Plants Vs Zombies, Drake Hollow will have you protecting cutesy vegetable critters from hungry demons with a penchant for produce in this rip-roaring action defence game.


Paper Mario: The Origami King

Available to play from Friday 17 July on Nintendo Switch

In a world where a shapeshifting “Origami King” has taken over, it’s up to Paper Mario and his pals to de-throne said king and reclaim the fun-loving, madcap paper world in this charming instalment to the one of gaming’s best, most under-appreciated spin-off series.


Into The Radius

Available to play from Monday 20 July on PC

Channelling the same kind of unnerving, post-apocalyptic, Soviet-set vibes that made the STEALTH and Metro series so enjoyably creepy, Into The Radius lends the tried and tested setting a new lease of life with its innovative VR-based gameplay and nail-bitingly tense story. In short, players search an increasingly broken, disrupted and, at times, straight-up surreal landscape for strange artefacts. Why? We don’t know. Play the game and find out.


Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break

Available to play from Tuesday 21 July on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Stadia

Alas, this isn’t the third instalment to a video game adaptation of the hit musical of the same name. It is, however, the third instalment to the hugely popular tower defence/arcade action series, now featuring the ability to make (and, sure enough, then break) your own levels.


Destroy All Humans

Available to play from Tuesday 28 July on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Stadia

If you loved dropping down into mid-American towns and laying waste to swathes of disgusting, grubby-looking humanoids back in 2005, then you’ll likely as not love doing so all over again in this polished, updated, next-gen remake!



Available to play from Tuesday 28 July on PC and Xbox One

Here’s a question… were you to suddenly find yourself shrunk down to the size of an ant and trapped in your own garden, how long do you think you would last? Well, with Grounded, the brand-new action adventure survival game, you can finally find out.


Pistol Whip

Available to play from Tuesday 28 July on PlayStation VR

A bumper month for VR gamers concludes with Pistol Whip, which, suitably, has you channelling your inner John Wick and ducking, diving, shooting, whipping and whupping your way though Super Hot-looking environments.


Skater XL

Available to play from Tuesday 28 July on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Not since the days of Skate 3 have baggy-trousered, beanie-wearing gamers been able to shred, grind and skateboard their way through city streets quite like you can in Skater XL. Whether it can mount a true claim to Skate 3’s throne of pixelated skateboarding perfection remains to be seen, but it looks to make a pretty good attempt at doing so.


Monster Crown

Available to play from Friday 31 July on PC

Combining a Zelda-esque fantastical setting, the monster-centric, turn-based combat of Pokémon and eight-bit bangers (sort of) like this seems a masterstroke, with Monster Crown allowing the player to journey across a top-down world, duel all manner of foes and uncover untold secrets. Good stuff.