Gaming broadband

Our ultrafast speeds offer great broadband for gaming, so you can enjoy a smooth, responsive experience.

Why choose our gaming broadband?

Unlimited downloads

All our deals have unlimited downloads. So, you can download unlimited games, updates and patches. Superfast.

Powerful speeds for hosting streams

Our fastest broadband, Gig1 averages a 104Mbps upload speed, 5 times faster than UK average upload speeds.

Our network is 99.93% reliable

Online gamers need a consistent connection. For others at home, Intelligent WiFi helps you get better coverage.

Pause WiFi to individual games consoles

Our parent-pleasing Virgin Media Connect app is included, at no extra cost.

How gaming broadband could give you the edge

Fast download and upload speeds and a low latency connection is the dream combo.

Speed: Livestreaming is all about sharing your wins and fails in real time. Doing that is harder if your connection keeps slowing down, so choose reliable gaming broadband with strong upload speeds.
Accuracy: Latency makes a big difference to online gaming. Having less of a delay in your connection can help you with landing more skill shots on enemy players and taking your gaming more seriously.

Stealth: Gaming broadband should support everyone, with enough speed for others to stream and use the internet, undisturbed by your gaming. And for you to play videos in the background of your game.


Our fastest gaming broadband speeds are great for…

  • Multi-gamer homes and large or gadget-loving households
  • Virtual Reality gamers and the more competitive types
  • Higher quality 4K livestreaming


The legal stuff

No setup fee

This promotion means you won’t pay the usual setup fee of £35. No setup fee is available on all bundles, broadband & phone, and broadband only packages until 2nd July 2023. If you can set up using a Self-Install pack, but choose to use an engineer for the installation, you’ll still be charged £30 for this service.

These prices are for new customers only.

Virgin Media services are only available in eligible Virgin Media network areas. TV 360, home phone, Volt benefits and WiFi Guarantee not currently available in 2022/23 network expansion areas.

All of the products on this page are subject to survey, network capacity and a credit check.

Each service has a minimum contract length that’s shown in your basket.

If you take a bundle with both Virgin Media and O2, you’ll have separate contracts and bills – one for Virgin Media, and another for O2.

Priority is a service from O2 that current Virgin Media customers aged 16+ can also use.
  • Offers are subject to eligibility and availability.
  • Read the terms on the Priority app or at o2.co.uk/terms

  • Fastest WiFi guarantee of any major provider
    Comparing WiFi guarantees of major UK ISPs. Terms of guarantee vary by provider. To verify click here. Virgin Fibre Areas only. Available with M50 broadband or faster. £8p/m extra or included with Gig1 or Volt. At least 20Mbps download speeds in every room or £100 one-off credit. Up to 3 WiFi Pods if needed. Excludes broadband faults and broadband network outages. Further exclusions & legal stuff apply.

    UK’s fastest widely available broadband
    Virgin Media Gig1 (average download speed 1130Mbps) vs fastest widely available average download speeds of UK ISPs. For verification see virginmedia.com/fast