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We’d love it if everything worked perfectly all the time. But if something does go wrong with your Virgin Media equipment, help is at hand at no extra cost

By Virgin TV Edit

Whether you’re hard at work on your laptop or settling down in front of the telly for a long weekend in a pyjama-clad TV hole, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong with your telly, broadband or phone. But there’s no need to send out your own distress signals. If anything does go wrong with your Virgin Media products and services, we’ll sort it for you with our peace-of-mind repairs service.

Did you know 98% of faults are fixed first time with Virgin Media? While our competitor’s customers are at least five times more likely to have to re-contact their provider for more help, according to OFCOM. Virgin Media also repairs total loss of service faults within 24 hours whilst competitors can take at least 2 times as long to fix it, again, according to OFCOM.


Whether it’s your Virgin Media broadband, TV or home phone, we’ll send along one of our lovely engineers to repair and replace your kit, at no extra cost*. (This excludes misuse and mistreatment – so try not to use your box as a coaster!) It’s all part of the Virgin Media service, and that’s why we won’t charge you a penny. Find out how to contact us here.


But before you call us, why not check out our new and improved troubleshooting tool to diagnose the problem if your TV service stops working as normal. You also may want to check whether there’s an issue in your area rather than just with your equipment. This handy video shows how you can check your service status quickly and easily...


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*excludes misuse and mistreatment