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With Virgin Media WiFi Calling you can stay connected wherever there’s WiFi, at no extra cost

Virgin Media WiFi Calling

With 4G offered as standard on all Virgin Mobile plans, with 99% 4G population coverage – and with super-fast 5G, our next generation mobile experience – it has never been easier staying in touch with your friends and family.


Now thanks to Virgin Media WiFi Calling feature, you can also now call and text anywhere you have a WiFi connection – and without any fuss. So, if you’re stuck in a low-signal spot, you can stay connected, have those important conversations and keep connected to your loved ones no matter where you are.

Best of all, Virgin Media WiFi Calling is also activated at no extra cost! All you have to make sure of is that you’re a Pay Monthly customer with an eligible device and a Virgin Mobile 4G or 5G SIM. Don’t forget, Virgin Mobile customers have the freedom to upgrade their phone early, so you can always get your hands on the latest handset as well.


The added bonus with WiFi Calling? There’s no extra app to download. If you can connect to WiFi, just head to your phone’s WiFi settings on eligible iOS devices and selected Samsung devices, and turn on WiFi Calling.


And did we mention it’s automatic? It’s true! If there’s WiFi in range, your phone will simply choose WiFi Calling when you ring someone. If the person you’re phoning has WiFi Calling switched on as well, you’ll enjoy a super-clear HD connection as you chat.


Plus, you only need to activate WiFi Calling on your device once to be connected forever. Easy.


For more information just click here.


Looking for WiFi on the go?

Virgin Mobile customers can download the Virgin Media Connect app and automatically connect to over 4.3 million hotspots across the UK. From cafes, bars and restaurants to more than 250 London Underground stations, we’ve got you covered. Find out more.


But wait! There’s more!

There are a whole host of benefits being a Pay Monthly customer on Virgin Mobile. With Virgin Mobile Pay Monthly mobile phone contracts, you can keep your unused data to enjoy next month with Data Rollover. Pay Monthly tariffs let you enjoy unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobile numbers, while spending caps can be added to Virgin Mobile plans, which act as a safety buffer.


And don’t forget, Virgin Mobile offers data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter.

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