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April 2024 watchlist

April 2024 watchlist


We’ve got all the top picks on BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, Prime Video and Paramount+ and in On Demand to keep you entertained this April

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Every month brings with it a load of top telly – and this April is no different. But with who has time to sift through the thousands of hours of certified fresh TV to pick out the great from the good? That’s where we come in. 

Fight for your life with Fallout, bow down to Kate Winslet in The Regime or stalk the hallways of Hotel Metropol in A Gentlemen In Moscow. Here’s our picks of the best stuff to stream this April. 


There’s all this and more to discover across BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, Prime Video and Paramount+ and in On Demand – keep scrolling to see all our highlights on Virgin TV this month. Or check out what’s new on Netflix this month for our pick of the best TV and movies on the service. 


Need some tips on how to access some of these services on Virgin TV? You’ll find them at the end of this article.



Find it in Apps > Prime Video from Thursday 4 April

Feel the rhythm in YouTube star Rudy Mancuso’s feature film about a young man who’s tortured by music. Rudy (Mancuso) directs and stars as a street performer with a rare condition called synesthesia, which makes him experience everyday sounds as complex rhythms. While it sounds ideal to most, his unique view of the world leads to a complicated love triangle between him, his girlfriend (Francesca Reale, Stranger Things) and new friend Isabella (Camila Mendes, Riverdale).  


Alex Rider 

Find season 3 in Apps > Prime Video from Friday 5 April

Inspired by the fifth instalment of Anthony Horowitz’s bestselling spy thriller series, the final season follows Alex Rider (Otto Farrant) as he takes on his biggest mission yet – bringing down the criminal cabal Scorpia, which plans on attacking the British Government with a deadly super-weapon. However, as Rider tries to destroy Scorpia once and for all he uncovers a deeply buried secret that unexpectedly connects him to the shady organisation. 


How To Date Billy Walsh 

Find it in Apps > Prime Video from Friday 5 April

They say that all is fair in love and war, and that couldn’t be truer for teen Archie as he tries to sabotage his best friend’s new relationship in this coming-of-age romcom. The infatuated Archie (Sebastian Croft, Heartstopper) is agonising over confessing his love for his childhood friend Amelia (Charithra Chandran, Alex Rider). However, just when he builds up the courage to confess his feelings, the arrival of American heartthrob Billy Walsh (Tanner Buchanan, Cobra Kai) thwarts his plans for romance.   



Find season 1 in Apps > Prime Video from Thursday 11 April

This new series is based on the long-running Fallout video game – a series so popular, it’s even got its own annual celebration day (it’s on 23 October, just so you know). In a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, factions battle for control of the wasteland and if the game is anything to go by, you can expect a sensational smorgasbord of mutants and monsters, and power battles galore. British actor Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets) stars alongside Walton Goggins (Justified), Moisés Arias (The King Of Staten Island) and Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks). 


This Town

Stream series 1 in Apps > BBC iPlayer now 

With This Town, writer extraordinaire and Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight continues his quest to put the Midlands well and truly on the TV map. It’s the story of Dante Williams (Levi Brown), a young dreamer with the soul of a poet, who’s struggling to escape from his deprived, crime-ridden background. His salvation comes from Jeannie (Eve Austin) and the band they form, giving them an outlet for their repressed creativity and the chance of escape. 



Stream series 3 in Apps > BBC iPlayer now. Series 1-2 also available

Comic genius Diane Morgan (Cunk On Earth, Motherland) writes, directs and stars in a new series of her short-format comedy series that’ll have you in stitches. Get ready to tag along on even more wacky adventures with the disaster-prone Mandy Carter, who has big dreams yet somehow always finds herself on short-lived and ill-thought-through ventures. From working in a banana factory to hosting a Russian spy in an Airbnb, we can’t wait to find out what she gets up to next.



Stream series 2 in Apps > BBC iPlayer from Friday 5 April. Season 1 available now

If series 1 was about a break-up and rebuilding a broken home, series 2 of the show co-created by and starring Romesh Ranganathan is about falling in love, messy reconciliation and a baby. Jonathan (Romesh) has reinvented himself but while he might have visibly changed, with a new cycling hobby and a lot of Lycra, he’s still avoiding conflict and all the mess that causes. Jessica Knappett, Mandeep Dhillon and Lisa McGrillis co-star, alongside newbies Matthew Lewis and Aisling Bea. 


The Assembly 

Stream it in Apps > BBC iPlayer from Friday 5 April 

Taking place during Autism Acceptance week in April 2024, this is a show originally born in France. The idea is that a cast of interviewers who are autistic, neurodivergent or learning disabled question an A-list celebrity for one extraordinary TV interview. No subject is out of bounds, no question is off the table. Michael Sheen is the man at the centre of it. Expect an interview like no other with a mix of mischievous prodding, leftfield quizzing and profound exchanges. 


Race Across The World

Stream series 4 in Apps > BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 10 April. Series 1-3 available now

Every so often, a TV show restores your faith in humanity. Race Across The World is one such programme. Pairs of friends and family members venture out to reach a series of checkpoints, all without air travel and keeping to a tight budget. Along the way, their relationships will be tested, enriched and rewarded. This time, the race is across Eastern Asia, taking in 15,000 kilometres, six seas and eight borders for a £20,000 grand prize. 


Big Zuu Goes To Mecca

Stream it in Apps > BBC iPlayer from Sunday 14 April

Presenter, rapper and chef Big Zuu shows his fans a very different side in this fly-on-the-wall documentary. Filmed over the course of Ramadan, the one-hour programme sees Zuu embarks on the pilgrimage of Umrah where he connects more deeply to his faith and discovers what it means to be a modern Muslim man. 


Blue Lights

Stream series 2 in Apps > BBC iPlayer from Monday 15 April. Series 1 available now

Last year writers Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson (The Salisbury Poisonings) brought us a police drama that took the nation by storm. Now, it returns for an action-packed second series as Grace (Sian Brooke), Annie (Katherine Devlin) and Tommy (Nathan Braniff) deal with the aftermath of the McIntyre crime family’s fall from power. Just when they thought the worst of their troubles were over, new rival gangs begin competing for dominance in Belfast’s seedy underbelly and keeping them busier than ever.



Find series 17 in Apps > Channel 4 now

It has now reached its 17th series, and while it’s a massive cliché to say it’s showing no signs of running out of steam, it genuinely is showing no signs of running out of steam! Greg Davies and “Little” Alex Horne are your hosts once again, putting Joanne McNally, Nick Mohammed, Steve Pemberton, John Robins and Sophie Willan through their paces with the most bizarre tasks known to humanity.  


Our Dream Farm With Matt Baker

Find series 1 in Apps > Channel 4 from Saturday 6 April

Matt Baker follows the process of finding a brand new tenant for a beautiful National Trust farm in the north-east of England. Think The Apprentice, but for farmers. We’ll follow the short-listed applicants as they undertake tasks, present their business plans and discuss their visions for the farm. The winner will be awarded with a 10-year tenancy, a truly life-changing prize. 


Stacey Solomon’s Renovation Rescue

Find series 1 in Apps > Channel 4 from Wednesday 10 April

Stacey Solomon has built a career out of sorting out our household mess. This time, she’s taking on an even bigger challenge, helping out homeowners who have had their homes abandoned by builders, leaving them with ruined and unfinished houses. Stacy and her team will – as the title suggest – come to the rescue to rebuild those shattered dreams and make those houses into homes once again. 


Made In Chelsea 

Find series 27 in Apps > Channel 4 from Monday 15 April. Series 1-26 available now 

Yes, you read that right. Series 27. There have been 27 series of Made In Chelsea. The Office, by contrast, only had two series, so does that make this reality show set in the posh London suburb 13.5 times better than the legendary sitcom? If you haven’t jumped aboard the tales of these privileged pals, then it’s unlikely you’re going to start now. But for those who love this series – and there are a lot of people – its return will be very welcome. 


Joe And Katherine’s Bargain Holidays  

Find series 1 in Apps > Channel 4 from Thursday 18 April 

If you’re anything like us, then all your web browser tabs have some kind of holiday inspiration or cheap deals calling out to you. Comedians Katherine Ryan and Joe Wilkinson are here to help you seek out the best bargain holidays, showing you how you could have a fantastic break for a next-to-nothing price. Whether it’s a couples retreat on a shoestring, a girls’ weekend that won’t break the bank or a family seaside stay that won’t drain your pockets, the pair have tons of ideas for cut-price getaways. 


Love Triangle  

Find series 1 in Apps > Channel 4 from Tuesday 23 April 

You know what the world needs? More dating TV formats, that’s what. The premise sees singletons’ options shrunk to just two to choices. One match embodies each single’s usual wants, type and desires; the other reflects their deeper, more fulfilling romantic needs. With a load of bombshells set to rock the throuples throughout the process, they’ll be forced to question themselves, their choices and everything they think they know about love. 


The Piano 

Find series 2 in Apps > Channel 4 from Sunday 28 April. Series 1 available now 

Claudia Winkleman must have a guardian angel or have done some good deeds in a past life. Because in The Traitors and The Piano, she’s hosting two of the best new shows of recent years. The Piano is, on the face of it, a contest to find the country’s best amateur pianist. But your heart isn’t ready for what this show brings out as the contestants perform at railway stations around the country for the chance to perform at the Royal Festival Hall. 


Married At First Sight Australia

Find the season 11 finale in Apps > Channel 4 from Tuesday 30 April. Season 1-10 available now 

Married At First Sight Australia became a massive lockdown hit. After the timid and very polite British version aired in this country, the Aussie effort was a very different beast (so much so, the UK version quickly followed this more conflict-driven, drama-centric format). This month, we see the finale air. Will the couples stay together? Is it legitimate to still call this an “experiment” after 11 seasons? All will be revealed.


Royal Autopsy

Find series 2 in On Demand from Tuesday 2 April. Series 1 available now

Attention history buffs: Professor Alice Roberts and Home Office pathologist Brett Lockyer are examining more monarchs in the morgue in a second series of Royal Autopsy. The pair will be combining their historical and medical expertise with archival accounts and documents to unearth the truth behind the deaths of “The Party King” George IV, “Bloody Mary” Mary I, “The Usurper” Henry IV and “The Forgotten Queen” Anne.


The Regime

Find season 1 in On Demand from Monday 8 April

Anything that Hollywood royalty Kate Winslet touches turns to gold. And this darkly comedic drama in which Winslet plays the authoritarian leader of a fictional central European country is no exception. As Chancellor Elena Vernham (Winslet) becomes increasingly paranoid, she finds support in an unlikely confidant – volatile soldier Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts). However, when he influences the Chancellor to expand her powers, her regime begins to crumble. Andrea Riseborough, Martha Plimpton and Hugh Grant also star.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Find the final episode in On Demand from Monday 8 April. Season 1-12 available now 

The end is nigh for one of the most influential, beloved and riotously funny shows in TV history, as Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm comes to its much-anticipated conclusion. And we’re sure that in the 12th and final season, Larry will finally straighten out his social anxieties, find his place in the world and achieve contentment… Expect the usual absurd adventures in cringe and pettiness from Larry and co right till the end.  


Meet The Richardsons

Find series 5 in On Demand from Wednesday 10 April. Season 1-4 available now 

Don’t miss the fifth instalment of this mockumentary that’s inspired by the lives of real-life comedic married couple Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont. Their hit show kicks off with Lucy being booked and busy, as a BAFTA nomination results in offers for shows from the very big to the frankly bizarre. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for guest stars including Lee Mack, Kimberley Wyatt, Gregg Wallace and the Cheeky Girls.


The Equalizer

Find season 4 in On Demand from Wednesday 17 April. Seasons 1-3 available now

Queen Latifah is back as Robyn McCall, aka “The Equalizer” – a former CIA operative and vigilante who helps those who have nowhere else to turn. Last season Robyn’s two worlds collided and changed her family life forever. Now, she’s more determined than ever to get justice for her clients and defend those who need her help, while doggedly pursuing her own personal redemption. 


Murders At Little Bridge Farm

Find it in On Demand from Monday 22 April  

Although “Little Bridge Farm” may sound idyllic, the Kent site was the scene of two callous murders in 2021. This new two-part true crime documentary follows the shocking story of sadistic killer Mark Brown and the double life he led, eventually leading to his conviction of the shocking murders of Alex Morgan and Leah Ware.


The Red King

Find series 1 in On Demand from Wednesday 24 April

Looking for an eerie new crime drama with a star-studded line-up? Then this mystery thriller from Toby Whithouse (Being Human) might just be what you’re looking for. By-the-book police officer Grace Narayan (Anjli Mohindra, The Lazarus Project) is placed on a “punishment posting” on the island of St Jory – but when she discovers a long-forgotten case about a missing teenager, she becomes entagled with the extraordinary locals and their devotion to a mysterious pagan God known as the Red King. Adjoa Andoh (Bridgerton) and Marc Warren (Van Der Valk) also star.


A Gentleman In Moscow 

Stream season 1 on Paramount+ throughout April

Emmy Award-winning actor Ewan McGregor takes centre stage in this screen adaption based on Amor Towles’ best-selling novel. In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, wealthy Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov is punished with house arrest by a Soviet tribunal for his gilded past life. Banished to an attic room within the opulent Hotel Metropol, Rostov begins a journey of self-discovery into a world of friendship, love and family.   


Star Trek: Discovery  

Stream season 5 on Paramount+ from Thursday 4 April. Seasons 1-4 available now 

Trekkies unite! The USS Discovery crew are on one last epic mission to the farthest corners of the galaxy in the final season of this slick sci-fi. The quest? To find an ancient superpower that has been hidden for centurie – and the race is on to stop it from falling into the wrong hands. Leading the Starfleet is Captain Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) with Saru (Doug Jones), Stamets (Anthony Rapp), Tilly (Mary Wiseman) and “Book” Booker (David Ajala) under her command. 



Stream it on Paramount+ from Wednesday 10 April 

Click clack! British actor/writer/director Adam Deacon scored a hit in 2011 with London crime comedy Anuvahood and he returns to similar ground for this entertaining caper. Deacon is Riko, a low-level hoodlum who owes money to a local crime family and has a hare-brained scheme he believes will clear his debt. When it goes wrong, Riko’s problems start to escalate. The action and the gags come thick and fast, and Deacon crams his cast with eye-catching cameos including everyone from standups Eddie Kadi and London Hughes to Jennifer Saunders, Ed Sheeran and, er, former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. 


The Challenge: All Stars 

Stream episodes 1 and 2 of season 4 on Paramount+ from Thursday 11 April. Season 1-3 available now

In this game anyone can win big. And the spin-off from ruthless reality competition The Challenge sees some of the best participants take their shot at winning a whopping $300,000. Tune in to see old-school legends, modern power players, redemption-seekers and ex-lovers reunite in Cape Town as they play together and each other for the grand prize. 



Find it on Paramount+ from Friday 12 April 

Plucky adventurer Dora has a new look! Join Dora and her red-booted monkey pal, the aptly named Boots. Guided by trustworthy Map, Dora and her new friends must work together to overcome challenges (including the sneakiest fox, Swiper!), while travelling through the rainforest on expeditions as educational as they are fun!  


The Retirement Plan 

Stream it on Paramount+ from Friday 26 April

Nicolas Cage (The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent) portrays a killer longing for some peace and quiet in this action-packed comedy. When Ashley (Ashley Greene, Twilight) gets caught up in a criminal enterprise, she reluctantly instructs her young daughter Sarah to find the only person who can help – Ashley’s estranged father Matt (Cage), a former assassin enjoying retirement in the Cayman Islands. After Ashley is captured by a dangerous crime boss, it’s up to this grandfather-granddaughter duo to save the day.  



Stream season 1 from Saturday 27 April

The Sonic The Hedgehog universe is expanding as it gets its first-ever live-action TV series. Idris Elba lends his vocal talents to Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic’s hot-headed pal who agrees to train deputy sheriff Wade Whipple in the ways of the Echidna warrior. Chaos ensues and to make things worse, there are some baddies who want to steal Knuckles’ superpowers. Ben Schwartz returns to voice Sonic while Adam Pally, Stockard Channing, Edi Patterson and Cary Elwes also star.  


How to watch Paramount+ with Virgin TV

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How to watch Prime Video with Virgin TV

Prime Video is available to all Virgin TV customers with a V6 box, powered by TiVo®, and a subscription to the service. Simply sign up to Amazon Prime via the website, and you can log in on the box. And because Prime Video is fully integrated into TiVo®, you can search without even going into the app. Just select Search & Discover from the Home menu and type in the name of the show or movie you’re after. Virgin TV 360 customers can also find Prime Video shows and launch the app with voice search. 


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