How to improve your internet speed

When it comes to the web, faster is definitely better. So don't suffer the buffer, see how you can improve your internet speed with our essential tips.

What should my broadband speed be?

When you signed up with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) it no doubt quoted you an average speed in Mbps (Megabits per second). Find that number, conduct a speed test and compare.

Check your broadband speed, wait 30 seconds or so until it calculates your average download and upload speeds, and note them down. Are you getting the speed you need?

If you’re constantly asking yourself “Why is my internet so slow?” it’s time to have a word with your supplier. Bear in mind, if your ISP decides to send an engineer to your property, you may be charged a call-out fee.

Person using a slow laptop with a buffering screen

Maybe it's time to go superfast?

With Virgin Media, our fastest widely available average broadband speeds are 9x quicker than Sky and BT’s.

Our Fibre Broadband packages go from 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 350Mbps, 500Mbps and the staggering 1Gbps bundle in selected cities. With 125Mb Fibre Broadband you can browse, connect and enjoy average speeds of 108Mbps. Based on your internet usage and the number of devices in your household, we’re sure you’ll find the right package based on your household’s needs.

Nine tips to tackle internet speed issues

When it comes to the internet, faster is always better

If you’re experiencing internet speed issues or you’re unhappy with the service you currently get, please note that with Virgin Media you get:

  • Our Intelligent WiFi, designed to automatically sort WiFi issues for you
  • Uninterrupted streaming of your favourite movies and TV shows with seamless gaming
  • Hubs made to handle our ultrafast broadband speeds and get WiFi right to where you need it
  • 99.93% reliability when we’ve measured our network’s performance in connected homes
  • Our QuickStart self-install box if your home is Virgin Media ready.

If you want to give your broadband a boost, see if you can get Virgin Media in your area with our postcode checker and we'll be happy to help.

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