Where was Behind Her Eyes filmed?

Behind Her Eyes is a thriller that gave us so many twists and turns we didn’t know who to trust. And, with added supernatural trickery, it had us guessing right up to the end.

The show was filmed in some well-known areas of London, as well as in Scotland and on the south coast. But just like the show’s plot, not all the locations are quite as they seem...

Read on to find out where Behind Her Eyes was filmed, and take a look at our TV Map of Britain to find your favourite TV show hotspots.

Behind Her Eyes filming locations: Goldhurst Terrace

In the show, we are led to believe that David and Adele’s home is at 198 Madison Terrace in London’s affluent Islington. However, in reality, the house is in Goldhurst Terrace in one of North London’s other well-heeled suburbs, Hampstead.

Behind Her Eyes filming locations: Coldfall Primary School

Muswell Hill’s Coldfall Primary School appears as Kinbridge Primary School. The front of the school pops up several times when Louise drops her son off at the gates.

Behind Her Eyes filming locations: Ardkinglas House

Adele’s family home in Scotland is actually Ardkinglas House on the eastern shore of Loch Fyne in Argyll. Behind Her Eyes is not the mansion’s first screen outing. It also appeared in the television adaptation of The Crow Road and the children’s film The Water Horse.

Behind Her Eyes filming locations: Hampstead Heath

In episode four, when Louise and Adele go running, it’s on London’s Hampstead Heath. The giveaway is the view of Parliament Hill Fields Athletics Track and the city skyline. Hampstead Heath has been used as a location in many films and television shows, including Notting Hill and Notes on a Scandal.

Behind Her Eyes filming locations: Camden Town

In episode five, when Louise posts a letter to the police, we see a bridge with Camden Town written on it. Although it is a bridge in Camden, it’s not the well-known one by the market. In fact, it’s the railway bridge that crosses Royal College Street.

Behind Her Eyes filming locations: Brighton seafront

Brighton’s seafront makes an appearance in episode six when Louise takes a trip there. Brighton’s seafront has popped up in many films and shows, including the 1979 cult classic Quadrophenia.

Behind Her Eyes filming locations: Aubert Court

We see Louise sitting on the balcony of her flat in multiple scenes. This block of post-war flats is Aubert Court in Highbury. It’s built on the former grounds of Highbury House, once owned by astronomer Alexander Aubert.