Where was Misfits filmed?

Explore the filming locations for Misfits

Five offenders are sent to carry out community service but, instead of collecting litter, an electrical storm sees them picking up superpowers, and they’re soon up against a sinister cult.

Misfits manages to squeeze comedy, drama, and sci-fi into each episode. It’s no wonder that, since going off the air, it’s become a cult favourite. Many fans have been left wondering where the show was filmed as it had a variety of cool, urban backdrops.

Read on to discover the filming locations for Misfits.

Misfits filming locations: Southmere Lakeside Complex, Bexley, London

Southmere Lakeside Complex was used for exterior shots of the community centre. Set on Southmere Lake, surrounded by modern brutalist buildings, the area is popular for filming gritty, urban TV shows and movies. One of the most iconic shots in the Misfits has the characters standing in front of the four tower blocks. These are just across the water from the complex. They were filmed on the roof to get this shot. Southmere Lakeside Complex is now a bar and banqueting hall if you want to throw a party.

Misfits filming locations: Boston Manor Park, Hounslow, London

The misfits bury their parole officer under a flyover at Boston Manor Park, which was created in the 1920s. The land used to belong to nearby Boston Manor. In the mid-60s, the M4 was driven through the middle of it, hence the flyover. The park has playgrounds, tennis courts, and a wildflower meadow, while the manor house opens occasionally for tours and events.

Misfits filming locations: Bexley College, Tower Road, Belvedere

Misfits filming locations: South Thames College, Merton, London

In the episode where the gang are sent to do some gardening at a hospital, South Thames College was used as the hospital’s exterior. The modern building replaced the old campus in 1971 and looks just like a hospital on film. It’s also right next to Morden Park, so there was plenty of space to shoot.

Misfits filming locations: Brunel University Runnymede Campus, Egham, Surrey

Interior scenes for the show were filmed in Brunel University’s closed Runnymede campus. The campus has a mixture of beautiful old historic buildings and newer residential blocks, giving a wide choice of spaces to use. The Runnymede campus has been home to universities since the late 19th century when it used to be the Royal Indian Engineering College. It merged with Brunel University in the 1980s. It closed in 2007, and since then not much has happened to it, but it has become a popular filming location because of its interesting architecture.