Virgin Media cabling and construction

If you have questions on how our cabling and construction may affect you and your property, then we’ve put together everything you need to know, from council planning to the digging process involved.

How does Virgin Media install cables?

Cabling is no easy task, but with our construction team of on-site experts, streets all over the country have had access to Virgin Media’s broadband in no time at all. Here are the steps needed to make it happen.


We discuss our plans with your local council early on, generally 6 months before we build. Highways and planning teams will be alerted, and local stakeholders will be kept in the loop to minimise disruption.


We set up friendly meetings with local groups, business owners and stakeholders 3 months before we build. We also give early notice if our works will exceed 10 days. Come along if you want to have your say.

Informing local residents

You get a letter before the build starts if you’re a local resident or business to keep you updated on when and where we’ll be working.


We usually need to dig trenches across footpaths to lay our ducts. This process can be a little noisy and takes some time. But don’t worry about that. We always aim to get things done as quickly as possible so that the minimum amount of disruption is caused.


Cable digging

Cable digging is an expert job, but one we take a lot of pride in. We’ve perfected the process over the many years we’ve been providing broadband, cable and telephone lines to the homes of the UK. Here’s some information about the cable digging process:

How do you install cable?

Virgin Media runs a cable from our network, underground through an appropriate channel such as your front garden, to the cable entry point on the outside of your home. We'll run cables from the cable entry point to your chosen locations for your broadband, TV and phone. It’s as simple as that.

How deep will you dig to install the cables?

The standard depth for Virgin Media’s cable digging is 1-6 inches under the ground. This can vary depending on each situation, but we’ll always take into account which way will lead to the minimum fuss for the customer.

Diversionary works

Find out about having diversionary works done to move our equipment away from your construction or building project.

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