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What do I get with a broadband, TV and phone deal?

Superfast broadband you can rely on

Our mighty WiFi Hub is powered by built-in Intelligent WiFi technology.

Our best-ever TV box

4K-ready. Loaded with at least 100+ channels. Speak into the remote – say it, see it.

Home phone service

Line rental and unlimited inclusive calls included in the monthly cost.

Priority from O2

Get the only TV, broadband and phone deals with Priority. Enjoy all the rewards, on us.

Streaming app for up to 5 of your devices

Virgin TV Go lets you watch your favourite shows at home and on the go.

Peace of mind

You’ll be provided with our kit and free repair or servicing for any eligible faults.

Why should I bundle my broadband, TV and phone?

All-in-one internet packages let you pay for your TV, phone and broadband deals in one go – ideal if you’re after a bit of everything. Bundling your services together can offer several benefits including:

  • Better offers: Having all your services with the same provider may work out cheaper than paying for TV, phone and broadband deals separately.

  • Less hassle: Broadband, TV and phone deals have one monthly bill, one account for managing all your services, and one provider to contact when you need to. Convenient.

  • Sign up gifts and incentives: Broadband, phone and TV deals sometimes include a special offer for new customers, such as money off your bill, a gift or no setup fee.

What TV channels can I get with a broadband, TV and phone deal?

Our broadband bundles give you access to a fantastic range of channels including Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. Check out the options below.

With catch up players and a whole host of apps on the 360 box, you can watch TV on demand as well, whenever you like.


Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English
Islam Channel Urdu
Islam Channel Urdu
Al Jazeera Arabic
Al Jazeera Arabic
France 24 English HD
France 24 English HD
B4U Music
B4U Music
Islam Channel English
Islam Channel English

What speed do I need my broadband bundle to be?

You should decide which of our speeds is right for you, based on your personal habits, such as how many devices you connect to your broadband and how you use the internet.

Generally, the faster the speed, the better the broadband can multi-task and handle several devices or demanding activities, at the same time. Or put another way, the busier your household, the more suitable our faster broadband, TV and phone deals may be.

Whatever your needs, we have internet packages for you.

M125 broadband

  • 132Mbps avg. download speed
  • 20Mbps avg. upload speed
  • Ideal for 5 to 9 devices or one heavy internet user

M250 broadband

  • 264Mbps avg. download speed
  • 25Mbps avg. upload speed
  • Handles 10+ devices and busy homes

M350 broadband

  • 362Mbps avg. download speed
  • 36Mbps avg. upload speed
  • Powers several, heavy broadband users
  • This speed (or higher) is great for gaming

M500 broadband

  • 516Mbps avg. download speed
  • 36Mbps avg. upload speed
  • Keeps super-connected homes, superfast

Gig1 broadband

  • 1,130Mbps avg. download speed
  • 52Mbps avg. upload speed
  • Future-proof your home with our fastest broadband
  • Covered by our WiFi guarantee*

*At no extra cost with our Gig1 Fibre Broadband.

Can I add a sim to a broadband, TV and phone bundle?

Yes, you can. And you’ll even be rewarded for it! You can enjoy double mobile data, a broadband speed boost, and more of our exclusive Volt benefits, just for having a type of broadband deal with a mobile plan included:

If you have an O2 Pay Monthly plan…

Volt broadband, TV and phone deals are designed with you in mind. It’s quick and easy to add your current mobile plan to any of these all-in-one internet packages.

If you’re not currently with O2…

Volt sim, TV, phone and broadband deals include a new Pay Monthly plan from O2, the only major network that lets you roam freely in the EU, up to 25GB. See if these all-in-one internet packages could offer you a better mobile deal.


*99.86% average network uptime (based on measurements from customer routers across the Virgin Media network. January 2023 - June 2023. For more details, see here.

The legal stuff

*Monthly price shown will increase each April from April 2024 by the Retail Price Index rate of inflation announced in February each year plus 3.9%. Doesn’t apply to Netflix Add to Bill add-on, Disney+ Premium add-on & Stream Entertainment subscriptions or admin charges. See and for details.

No setup fee

This promotion means you won’t pay the usual setup fee of £35. No setup fee is available on all bundles, broadband & phone, and broadband only packages. If you can set up using a Self-Install pack, but choose to use an engineer for the installation, you’ll still be charged £30 for this service.

These prices are for new customers only.

Virgin Media services are only available in eligible Virgin Media network areas. TV 360 and home phone not currently available in 2022/23 network expansion areas.

All of the products on this page are subject to survey, network capacity and a credit check.

Each service has a minimum contract length that’s shown in your basket.

If you take a bundle with both Virgin Media and O2, you’ll have separate contracts and bills – one for Virgin Media, and another for O2.

Priority is a service from O2 that current Virgin Media customers aged 16+ can also use.
  • Offers are subject to eligibility and availability.
  • Read the terms on the Priority app or at

  • Get fast, reliable WiFi gliding through every room or money back
    Eligible Virgin Fibre areas only. WiFi Guarantee available with M50 broadband or faster. £8p/m extra or included with Gig1 or Volt. At least 30Mbps download speeds in every room or £100 one-off credit. Up to 3 WiFi Pods if needed. Exclusions & legal stuff apply.