How to connect your devices to Virgin Media Broadband

If you can’t get your Android, Apple or Windows device online, this article will help you to connect your devices to the WiFi.

Connect my Android device to the WiFi

Connect my Windows device to the WiFi

Connect my Apple device to the WiFi

Connect my Apple Mac to the WiFi

How to connect my games console to Virgin Media Broadband

Let’s help you get your games console connected to your Virgin Media Broadband in a few simple steps.

Remember, if you’re a keen gamer and you aren’t already signed up to one of our gaming packages, you might want to check out what’s on offer to ensure super smooth game play and super speedy downloads.

I think my Virgin Media WiFi is not working

If you’re having problems with our broadband connection, visit our improve WiFi connection page.

First, check that your device is running the latest software as this might be causing the issue.

Remember, have your Virgin Media network name and WiFi password ready. You’ll find this on the base of the Hub unless you’ve changed it.

If you’re struggling to get your WiFi to work, there might be a problem with your Hub. Check out our dedicated help pages on what to do if your WiFi isn’t working.

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