What is a guest network and how do I set it up?

In this guide we will explain what a guest network is and how to set up a guest WiFi network on your Virgin Hub. For more information about getting the most out of your broadband, check out our set up broadband guide.

What is a guest WiFi network?

A guest WiFi network is a broadband connection that offers guests limited access to your home network. This means that while they will be able to access the internet in your home, they will have limited or no access to other connections within your shared network. This can stop them from looking at shared network folders and files or using any linked devices.

Why would I need guest WiFi?

When you give someone access to your home WiFi network, they may then have access to other devices and resources that you have connected to that network. This means that they might have access to sensitive data or, if they have a device that is infected by malware, they may unintentionally infect your home devices via the WiFi connection.

How do I set up guest WiFi?

You can set up a guest network easily on the Virgin Media Connect app* or on your computer. To learn how to set up a guest WiFi network via your computer or laptop, read the following instructions:

How to turn off guest network

To turn off your guest WiFi network, visit your network settings by entering into the address bar of your browser. In Advanced Settings you can disable your guest network as well as manage the limits of your different networks.

You can also easily manage your guest network settings on the Virgin Media Connect app.

What are the benefits of guest WiFi networking?

A guest WiFi network is a great way to improve your broadband security and manage who has access to what in your home. With a guest WiFi network, you can prevent guests from accessing your personal files or using linked devices that you might not be comfortable with them using, such as your printer.

A guest WiFi network is also a good preventative measure to stop hackers from accessing your devices. If a guest in your home has a virus on their phone or laptop and connects to your WiFi, a guest network stops that virus from reaching your devices connected to your home network.

You can also make it harder for hackers to access your home network through other WiFi connected gadgets in your home, such as gaming consoles or smart home gadgets. By connecting these to your guest network, you can protect your home network from being infected with malware and limit what data these gadgets have access to.

However, a guest network is not able to completely protect your home devices from malware or hackers, so it’s important that you take extra steps such as getting anti-virus software and password protecting your important data.


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