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How to install my home phone

We’re sorry you’re having some problems installing your Virgin Phone service.

We’ve put together some top tips below to help you get back on track.

Activating your Phone

You should have had a card through the letterbox confirming your new Virgin Phone is live and telling you your new number. If you've not had this then your Virgin Phone may not yet be live.

If the day of your pack delivery has passed and you've still not had the card, then try the steps below, as your Phone may be live.

No Dial Tone

As Virgin Media we use a separate phone network to all other home phone providers. This means that for our Phone service to work you need to have one of our Phone sockets in your home.

So if your Phone service isn’t working, the first thing to do is check which socket your handset is plugged into. If your home has had Virgin Media installed fairly recently then the Phone socket will say Virgin Media on it. If your home has had cable installed for a long time, then the Phone socket may say ‘NTL’ or ‘Telewest’, these Phone sockets should still work.

If you find more than one Virgin Media Phone socket, please check each one, as only one of the sockets with be directly connected to your phone line. We refer to this as the Master socket.

See Virgin Media wall sockets in the home for help in identifying our Phone sockets and Master socket.

Check your phone

We also recommend checking the handset you’re using with your Phone service.

Check that it’s plugged into our Phone socket correctly, and if it needs power that its power supply is switched on and connected.

If possible, try a different handset with our Phone sockets. This will help us make sure it’s not a problem with your handset.

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