Who was the last number called on landline?

Grab your home phone, you’re going to use its Last Number Recall feature.

How to find last called on landline?

How does 1471 charge appear on my bill?

Next to your Last Caller’s number in your phone call charges.

Concealing Last Caller details

Deleting their number from the Last Caller service stops it being mentioned when 1471 is dialled. To do this:

  1. Call 1475 on your landline (or 14701475 if you’re withholding your number).
  2. Listen to the instructions.
  3. Hang up and give us a minute to you call back – when we do, please pick up and dial 1471: you’ll hear a ‘Number withheld’ message.

    Afterwards, remember to also delete your Last Caller’s number from your handset or caller display unit. Your phone’s manual should help you.

What is a withheld number?

When you choose to keep your number private (withheld), so the person you’re calling can’t:

  • See it on their phone or caller display.
  • Phone you back, using their Last Number Recall feature.

To withhold your Virgin Media landline number:

  • On individual phone calls – just dial 141 at the start of their number.
  • Always – call to have us set you up a Permanent Number Conceal, even if you’re ex-directory: your number will be withheld at all times for no extra charge. To reveal it again, dial 1470 at the start of each number you’re calling.

How to block withheld numbers and reject anonymous calls

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