How to change my TV Go settings

Last updated: May 31, 2018

Want to change how your Virgin TV Go channels are shown? Want to use Virgin TV go on 3G / 4G, but want to control how much data you’re using? The Virgin TV Go settings allow you control how Virgin TV Go works.

Virgin TV Go has the following settings:

  • My TV Channels
  • Parental Settings / Parental Control
  • Change PIN
  • App Preferences (mobile app only)
  • Account
  • My Devices (browser only)

Depending on your device you may not see all of these options.

My TV channels

Create your personal Live TV line-up and TV Guide by selecting your favourite channels into your Personal Channel Line-Up.

The available channels are based on your current subscription.

You can customise this list by:

  • Show / Hide channels – remove channels from showing in Virgin TV Go
  • Sort channels – change the order that TV channels appear in Virgin TV Go

You can also reset your TV channels to the default line-up.

Parental Settings / Parental Control

See Parental Control on Virgin TV Go for details on these settings

Change Pin

The default Virgin TV Go PIN is 0000. This PIN is used by all Virgin TV Go devices and is not related to the TV PIN on your Virgin TV box. You can set the pin to any 4 digit number. If you can’t remember your PIN, you can reset your PIN here too.

See Parental Control on Virgin TV Go for details on how to change your Virgin TV Go PIN.

App Preferences

If you’re using a device with 3G / 4G access you can choose whether to allow Virgin TV Go to stream over 3G / 4G. Enabling this feature may result in additional data costs from your mobile provider.

You can also choose the streaming quality. The options are:

  • Automatic – chooses the best quality to stream based on your data connection. This is the default
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low 

You'll also be able to set your PIN Auto-fill preferences if you have an Android device with a Fingerprint reader or and iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with Touch ID or Face ID. See Parental Control on Virgin TV Go for details on this option.


Allow you check if you’re signed in to Virgin TV Go, and sign out.

My Devices

My Devices in Virgin TV Go via a computer browser you can see your registered devices for Virgin TV Go. See Registering your devices with Virgin TV Go for details.

You’ll be able to see when each device was registered. You can also see how many device you have registered and when you can change a device.

TV Go can be registered on up to two devices or up to four devices if you’re a Maxit TV customer. These can be phones, tablets or laptops, as long as they’re connected to the Internet. You can change your registered devices up to three times per month.

To see your registered Sky Devices, select ‘Manage my Sky Cinema & Sky Sports. See Device management for the Sky Cinema and Sky Sports apps and website for details about the Sky Cinema and Sky Sports apps and website.

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