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Using Virgin TV Go

When you first access TV Go, you’ll be asked to sign in or register. Check out Virgin TV Go for more details.

If you’re using TV Go on a browser, go to

On the home screen you’ll see telly picks from Live TV and On Demand. Downloads and saved shows are in the Saved folder.

Simply tap on your chosen content to start watching! Remember only two devices can watch TV GO content at the same time. When watching Sky content, only one device can watch at a time.

To customise your list of channels, go to settings and My Channels.

Note: Any show you’re watching for 3 minutes or more will automatically be added to your saved folder to pick up right where you left off.

With Virgin TV Go you can access subtitles and audio description on Live TV. We’re currently working on this for On Demand content too.

Using Subtitles and Audio Description

A selection of channels do not offer these options for Live TV – for those that do:

  • Select or Tap on the language options icon
  • Choose your subtitles or audio description options
  • If the icon is not showing, the options cannot be used for this channel

Additional Accessibility Support

When using the Virgin TV Go app on Android, iOS and Windows 10, we offer other accessibility options such as VoiceOver, TalkBack or Ease of Access.

If you’re using a computer, the support available depends on your operating system.

PIN protection across all your devices allows you to set an age rating restriction to control what can be watched On Demand.

By default the age rating restriction asks for a PIN for all On Demand and Live TV channels (pre 8pm) content rated PG and above. The PIN is set to 0000.

Note: Watching Live TV with Virgin TV Go is not PIN protected, as channels show content appropriate to watershed times.

Changing your PIN

  • Log into Virgin TV Go, go to settings and select Change PIN
  • You’ll need to enter your username and password again when prompted
  • Enter your current PIN – but if you can’t remember it, reset to the default: 0000
  • Confirm your new PIN for all Virgin TV Go devices

Note: On some devices you may need to go to Parental Settings

When prompted for your PIN, choose which restrictions to apply for On Demand content – either the same age rating or higher. If you want to stop TV Go asking for your PIN, select Unrestricted

Note: Your Virgin TV Go PIN is separate to your Virgin TV box PIN and Sky PIN

For some devices you may be able to use the built-in fingerprint or face scan to enter your PIN instead.

To set up PIN Auto-Fill:

  • Open Virgin TV Go
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Preferences
  • Switch on Auto-fill PIN and follow the instructions

Note: You won’t see the option for PIN Auto-fill if your device does not support this feature. Virgin TV Go does not have access to your fingerprint or face scan information.

Virgin TV Go allows you to easily find your favourite On Demand TV channels and shows.

Search by channel, show or episode with these simple steps:

  1. Select the Search icon in the top right of the app, or the search box on the website
  2. Enter the title you want to search
  3. Your results will be displayed as you type

Voice Search

For Android and Apple users, try the voice search instead of typing on your device.

Just tap on the microphone icon and say your search term out loud.

For details on how we use your Voice Search audio data, see our Privacy Policy.

For more information on how to use TV Go on your device, select from the options below:

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