I'm having issues connecting to Virgin Media hotspots using the Connect app

Last updated: November 2, 2018

Why can't I connect to the WiFi hotspots?

Uh-oh! Please follow these troubleshooting tips to get you back online as soon as possible.

  1. Is your device’s WiFi turned on?
    • Double check your device’s settings has WiFi switched on
  2. Check your Virgin Media WiFi hotspots account status
    • Go to the Connect app's Settings menu
    • Check your account status. This will double check whether your account is active in order to connect to our WiFi hotspots
  3. Check the app is set up correctly (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only)
    • If you need to set up the hotspots on your device again, you can do this in the Settings section of the Connect app

Please also remember that the range of WiFi hotspots is limited and that our WiFi hotspot map can be used for guidance but can't display the exact location or range of a specific hotspot

Manually selecting Virgin Media hotspots on Android prompts for username and password details

When you set up the WiFi hotspots service in the Virgin Media Connect app on Android, your device will automatically connect when in range of great WiFi as long as your WiFi is turned on.

The right settings and credentials are held by the Virgin Media Connect app. The app has an inbuilt system which checks the signal and the quality of our WiFi networks in the background and decides whether to connect you or not. If you’ve enabled Automatic WiFi management, the Connect app will also switch on your WiFi if needed.

However, some versions of Android may ask you to fill in details and configure settings when you try to manually select our WiFi networks in your device’s WiFi settings.

Please don’t try and connect to our WiFi hotspots through your device’s WiFi settings, as this could prevent you from connecting in the future.

If you have already tried to connect manually, or you have upgraded from the Virgin Media WiFi app, please find the list of saved WiFi networks in your device’s WiFi settings, select any WiFi network names associated with our WiFi hotspots service (such “Virgin Media”, “_The Cloud X”, “arq_wifi_x”) and tap ForgetRemove or Delete.

I’m seeing an error message in the Connect app

If the account status check returns an error message saying we can't check your account at this time, please make sure you have good connectivity and retry. Or just try again later.

If the check returns an error message about your account, please message us using the webchat button in Help. We'll be happy to help you out.

The account status is OK but I’m still having issues

If the check confirms your account status is OK but you're still having issues connecting to some of our public WiFi hotspots, there's every chance you're not actually in range of a hotspot.

Please remember this status checker only checks your eligibility status for our WiFi hotspot service. It doesn't test the quality of your current mobile or WiFi connection.

To check your service status for your home Virgin Fibre service you can use the My Virgin Media app. See Testing your TV and Broadband services with the My Virgin Media app for more details.

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