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How do I register my device with Virgin TV Go?

All virgin TV customers can use Virgin TV Go to watch Live TV and On Demand on up to four devices. These can be phones, tablets or computers and you can change your registered devices up to three times per month.

Once you’ve registered your devices, you can change a device up to three times per month.

Registering a device for Virgin TV Go

The first time you watch Live TV or On Demand, Virgin TV Go will prompt you to register your device. When you register your device, you’ll be asked to name your device. A suggested name will be shown which is based on either the device model or device name.

You can change the name of your device at registration, and you can also change its name afterwards using a browser in My Devices on the Virgin TV Go website.

If you register a computer using a browser, you’ll need to continue to use the same browser with Virgin TV Go. Using a different browser will be seen as a different device.

Replacing a registered device

Virgin TV Go allows you to replace your registered devices up to three times per month.

To replace a registered device:

  1. Sign in to Virgin TV Go on your new device using your primary My Virgin Media username and password
  2. Choose a Live TV channel or On Demand show to watch
  3. Enter your Virgin TV Go PIN if prompted
  4. Confirm that you want to replace a device
  5. Choose which device you wish to replace
  6. Choose a name for your new device

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