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Cabling and Construction

Cabling and Construction

With your help and our growing network, we’re making your local community a better place to live, work, and have fun.

Wondering how our cabling and construction may affect you and your property? We’ve put together this page to explain everything that you might want to know.

The cabling and construction process 

It starts with a plan

We discuss our plans with your local Council early on, generally 6 months before we build. Highways and planning teams will be alerted and local stakeholders will be kept in the loop to minimise disruption.

Then a meeting or two

We set up friendly meetings with local groups, business owners and stakeholders 3 months before we build. We also give early notice if our works will exceed 10 days. Come along if you want to have your say!

Then a letter

You get a letter before the build starts if you’re a local resident or business to keep you updated on when and where we’ll be working.

And then we build!

We usually need to dig trenches across footpaths to lay our ducts. This process can be a little noisy and takes time. But don’t worry. We always aim to get things done as soon as we can.

Got a problem?

Got an urgent problem? Call 0333 000 5925 to get it sorted quickly. Or fill in the form below for non-urgent issues or to give us your feedback. 



Simply sign up online at or in one of our Virgin Media Stores. Alternatively you can contact our Sales Team on 0800 0643836.

Please call us on 0333 000 5925 or fill in the form.

It’s normal for our cabinets to be placed on local authority owned property such as verges or alongside pavements, but if it’s causing you a problem, why not speak to a member of the team? Our cabinets should never block vehicle or pedestrian access. They shouldn’t obstruct public or private rights of way either.  You can call us on 0333 000 5925 or fill in the form if you think there’s an issue.

You can call us on 0333 000 5925 or fill in the form.

Normally once works have finished in an area, we would send out street cleaners to clean up. But if this hasn’t happened please call us on 0333 000 5925 or fill in the form.

Unfortunately with any kind of street works there will be dust that would come off the street but we do try to keep this to a minimum. You can pass on feedback to the relevant team by filling in a form and we’ll keep working on ways to reduce this problem.

It can take up to 10 days for us to start. We’ll try to work as quickly as possible to avoid any inconvenience to you and your neighbours. You can check to see when and how long we have a works permit for in your street.

Thanks! Please feel free to let us know by filling in a quick feedback form. We're  glad their hard work paid off, they’ll be chuffed to know it’s appreciated.

Any reinstatement works on the pavement or carriageway are agreed with your Local Authority and inspected by them, so if you feel works are not to up to standard please contact them directly.

We do send letters to all properties that will be affected in advance of any works so we’re sorry if you didn’t get yours. We’d like to stop this happening in future so if this did happen to you please fill in this form and we’ll look into it.