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What's an access agreement?

You might have heard the term access agreement, or Wayleave, mentioned alongside our network expansion. It might seem complicated at first, but an access agreement is simply the consent that Virgin Media can carry out work on privately owned land or property. Whether you’re a developer, housing association, local authority, landlord or tenant, an access agreement must be obtained before Virgin Media can install and maintain equipment on private land. It’s really straightforward to get the access agreement you need to get your premises connected to our awesome services.


What does an access agreement look like?

Below is an example of an access agreement, written in plain English.


How do I get connected once the access agreement is in place?

The method we’ll employ to get your premises connected to Virgin Media will differ depending on your property type. There are four common methods:

Fibre to the premise (FTTP)

A fibre-to-the-premises connection (also known as fibre-to-the-home) utilises our amazing cables to connect your premises directly to our fibre network, providing exceptional speed.

Apartments and flats

Want our services in a multiple dwelling unit? We would connect to the building’s integrated receiver system (if there is one), or via FTTP or a bespoke cabling solution, then utilise the existing wiring to get your flats connected and ready to roll.

New developments

Need your new development connecting to the web? We’ll arrange a special install tailored to your property type to get you connected as soon as possible.
Find out more about New developments

Hybrid fibre-coaxial

Our standard connection uses a combination of optical fibre and coaxial cable to connect homes and buildings to our high-speed network.

Need help with your access agreement?

If we’ve been in touch because we’re expanding our network in your area, call on 0800 952 2200.

If we’ve been in touch because we’re installing services to your property or your neighbour’s property, call 0800 952 0640.

Otherwise, send us a message using the form below.



Absolutely – as well as the usual fantastic offers we have available for new customers, we have a bespoke Social Inclusion package that your tenants may be eligible for.

We’re in the process of expanding our network right now, and we’re always keen to reach as many potential customers as possible, both residential and commercial.

Get in touch with us at 0333 3433118 to discuss it further.

Virgin Media boasts the UK’s fastest widely available broadband, with high download speeds available alongside unlimited downloads – perfect for serious streaming, gaming and downloading. We also offer supercharged entertainment, with up to 260+ channels available from Virgin TV depending on your selected package at home and up to 120 on the go with the Virgin TV Go app, in places where you have WiFi.

Of course. Just head to the New Build area of our website for more information, where you can submit details of the development.

Yes – minimising disruption to tenants and residents in the area is very important to us, so we always stay in regular contact with them throughout the build process.

We take data protection very seriously. We don’t require specific customer information from you at any point, and are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your confidence in us.

It won’t cost you anything if we come and carry out the work. All the costs are met by us. Similarly, if we find that we’re unable to come, you won’t be charged a penny.

If we decide to build, we will work with you to ensure that there is minimal impact to the aesthetics of the properties, and we will fully re-instate any surface that is disrupted as part of this work if we cause any.

A pre-wire would normally be carried out on a block of flats. It involves cabling into the individual premises that lead back to an individual lockbox in the building.

Pre-wiring a property allows all cabling for a property to be done at once, meaning tenants can gain faster access to our services without the need for additional cables to be installed in communal areas.

Call us on 0333 3433118 for more information.

We understand that buildings require maintenance and refurbishment from time to time. All we ask is that you let us know if you plan to carry out any work which could have a negative effect on our apparatus.