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Pay As You Go call charges

Our mobile prices will be changing from 2nd July 2018

We’re making changes to some of our pricing, which may affect you. For more information please click here.

Pay As You Go? If you're on our Original Addict tariff, Daily Bonus tariff, Original PAYG tariff, or Pay As You Go tariff by Direct Debit, here's how much things cost.

If you're on our Big Data & Texts, Big Talk or Starter tariff here are our standard charges for use within the UK and abroad.

  • UK Call Charges
  • Starter tariff
  • Big Data & Texts tariff
  • Big Talk tariff
  • Data
  • Other Call Costs throughout the UK
  • Roaming Call Charges


Our calls are billed per second and our charges are rounded up to the nearest penny. A one minute minimum call charge applies. Premium rate calls in the UK may be billed per call, minute, second or combination thereof.

All prices include VAT where applicable.



* Includes calls to foreign landlines and mobile phones. Our calls are billed per second and our charges are rounded up to the nearest penny. A minimum call charge of one minute applies if you're on our Addict Pay As You Go tariff or Simply 8p tariff.


Need the dialling code for a country?

View a list of countries you can text



1That’s numbers beginning 01, 02, or 03 and it excludes call forwarding services.

2Many phones can send texts up to three times as long as normal. They’ll be delivered as separate messages, so you’ll be charged for each. Call forwarding services (that’s numbers beginning with 07744 and 07755) are not included. Currently excludes calls to Truphone, Mundio, HAY Systems, TG Support and Cable & Wireless.

3Calls to Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man mobiles are not included in your allowance.