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Best films and shows about university life

Best films and shows about university life


As new university students hit the (virtual) halls for the first time this month, we look at all the best films and TV shows in higher education

By Simon Ward, Content Editor

Freshers Week will be very different this year. Although you could end a sentence about practically any activity in 2020 with “…will be very different this year,” and you’d be spot on. Dating? Different. Walking down a street? Different. Buying sausages? Different. So this shouldn’t be a surprise.


But there’s no denying this year’s intake of university freshers will be missing out – those friendships forged at 2am sat on random corridor floors in those first weeks are life-long. You’ll laugh with them. You’ll cry with them. They’re your future groomsmen and bridesmaids! (As unlikely as that may seem at 2am!).



So, if you’re heading to university (digitally or in person), or if you just want to relive #TheGloryDays – and you feel that you’re missing out – here are the best films and TV shows about uni life.


Fresh Meat

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Rule one of TV comedy: trap your main characters, be it emotionally, financially or geographically. Or in Fresh Meat’s case, all three works too. From the makers of Peep Show and starring Jack Whitehall, Greg McHugh and Zawe Ashton, anyone who has ever shared a student flat will cringe and laugh at the same time.


Pitch Perfect

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Freshers Week is about joining clubs and societies that you eventually discard four weeks later, convinced you’ve made enough mates for a decent night out. Not Beca (Anna Kendrick), however. She joins The Bellas, Barden University’s all-girls singing group, and the rest… is history. You aca-believe it!



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Tragically, this successor to genius oddball hospital comedy Green Wing only lasted a single series. Featuring a similar surreal tone and editing style to its more famous cousin, it was written off at the time as being too similar to its predecessor. But this 2011 comedy is darkly funny and well worth a reappraisal.


Starter For 10

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A romantic comedy set around the TV show University Challenge sounds like something you’d blurt out on day one of a creative writing course and be laughed out the room, but this is good. Bonus reason for watching: a young Benedict Cumberbatch playing the role of the nerd-in-chief is quite something.



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The genius of Community warrants its own 10,000-word dissertation because there are so many perfect episodes – and some break the concept of a sitcom altogether. But we suggest you start from the beginning, and when those big hitters come – ohmygodthepaintballepisode – you are in for a treat.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Once Buffy was done with High School, she moved onto college (in series 4, since you’re asking). It wasn’t exactly an authentic university experience – never once did you see Buffy eating a mug of baked beans – but the show holds up remarkably well. Series 1-7 are available on All 4 and it’s your perfect next big binge.



Available in Sky Cinema on demand. Cert 15

Every student wants to find that tutor at university who inspires them to become the best version of themselves. It’s hard to shake JK Simmons’ face from that idea, largely because of Whiplash (and a bit because of Spider-Man). Miles Teller plays the young jazz drummer who Simmons ruthlessly propels to greatness.



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There’s a lot of comedy on this list – but Clique reframed university life as a thriller. When childhood pals Georgia and Holly venture to Edinburgh for their first year of studies, Georgia is pulled into a new group that has her acting erratically. What will Holly find when she follows her into the closely guarded circle?


Dear White People

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Following the critically acclaimed 2014 film of the same name, this series delves into student life and the tensions between student groups, pivoting on the build-up and aftermath of a party thrown at a fraternity. It’s a brilliant series that uses the university setting so well, with lives colliding and secrets being spilt.


Legally Blonde

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Is this the ultimate university film? Well, that’s not for us to say (it is!), but it’s certainly one of the most memorable. It’s a story of being true to yourself and your values, it’s about working hard, proving doubters wrong and – crucially – why the bend and snap has an “83% return on a dinner invitation.”


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