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6 Hugh Jackman films to watch now

6 Hugh Jackman films to watch now

Find out where you can view the triple-threat star’s singing, dancing and acting skills

By Laura Rutkowski, Staff Writer

We’ve just had the weekend, but we’re already looking forward to the next. Why? Because The Greatest Showman is receiving its network premiere on Sunday 18 October on Channel 4 HD (CH 104/141) at 9pm! In the musical, Hugh Jackman plays PT Barnum, a natural entertainer who opens Barnum’s Circus. With dazzling live acts and unusual performers, his show becomes a huge success and draws in massive crowds. It’s loosely based on the real life of Barnum, who said, “I am a showman by profession.”


Before tuning in, why not take The Greatest Showman quiz? Test your knowledge and then check out the other brilliant films Jackman has starred in. There’s one for every day in the lead up to Sunday so you can fill your time before settling in for the greatest show. It also just so happens to be Jackman’s birthday today! There’s never been a better time for a Hugh-a-thon.

Eddie The Eagle

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This feel-good film charts the journey of Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) as he goes from zero to hero as the first person to represent Great Britain at the Olympics in ski-jumping. Bronson Peary (Jackman) decides to train him, although he initially believed Eddie was a lost cause. There’s nothing quite like an underdog coming out on top! 

The Fountain

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The fountain here is the Fountain of Youth, that elusive spring said to restore the youth of anyone who drinks from it or bathes in it. In Darren Aronofsky’s tale that spans centuries, Jackman is a man travelling through time to save the love of his life (Rachel Weisz) by whatever means necessary.


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When the police fail to provide any solid leads into his daughter and her friend’s disappearance, Keller Dover (Jackman) takes matters into his own hands. The brilliant cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki, as well as Paul Dano, Viola Davis and Terrence Howard.


Missing Link

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Jackman’s acting range knows no bounds! Not only can he play a heartthrob, a troubled soul and everyone’s favourite member of the X-Men (how could he not be?), he also lends his voice to some very sweet cartoon characters. In Missing Link, he is Sir Lionel Frost, an adventurer who stumbles across Bigfoot (Zach Galifianakis). Instead of using this for his own personal gain, he helps Mr Link, as he’s known, track down his relatives in Shangri-La.


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This movie acts as a prequel to JM Barrie’s Peter And Wendy, providing a different origin story for Peter Pan and Captain James Hook in a world where they’re actually friends. Twelve-year-old Peter is transported from a London orphanage to Neverland, where he, Hook and Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara) must fight against Blackbeard (Jackman, in terrifying, almost unrecognisable form).

Flushed Away

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Using Aardman’s signature stop-motion style and DreamWorks’ computer-generated techniques, Flushed Away is a creative adventure following Roddy the rat (Jackman). He’s lived the life of luxury as a pet in a London flat, but when he’s flushed down the toilet and lands in the sewers, he gains some vital life experience. Although he’s decked out in a tux and is very polite, he soon realises not everyone is a fan of rats.

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