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Celebrate the age of Cage!

Celebrate the age of Cage!

Take a journey into the life of the extraordinary star of Con Air – Nicolas Cage, cinema’s most outrageous thespian

As the classic action romp returns to your telly screen, we take a deep dive into one of Hollywood’s most fascinating cult figures…

Con Air, Thursday 25 October, 9pm, Sony Movie Channel (CH 425)

With his madcap method acting, memorable roles and meme-able on-screen moments, Nicolas Cage has become a beloved movie legend since his feature film debut back in 1982. And although his greatest role is arguably in the Academy Award-winning Leaving Las Vegas, Cage is always at his brilliant best in the explosive action films he starred in from the mid-90s to the early noughties.


Con Air is no exception, and the 1997 movie richly deserves its place among Cage’s pantheon of classic action performances. He plays Cameron Poe, a jailed military veteran who attempts to steer a plane full of convicts back on course after John Malkovich’s psychopathic villain, Cyrus “the Virus” Grissom, takes it on a dangerous, destructive detour.


As captivating as many of Cage’s movies have been, it’s the man himself who has proved to be most intriguing of all – thanks to his uniquely intense acting style and his tendency to accept just about any role that comes his way. So before you embark on Con Air again, cast your eyes over our selection of weird and wonderful Nic Cage facts…



Con Air, Thursday 25 October, 9pm, Sony Movie Channel (CH 425)

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