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Aladdin, now and then

Aladdin, now and then

With the live-action Disney’s Aladdin now on Sky Cinema, we compare new and old cast and characters

You ain’t never had friends like these! (Well you have, but now they look and sound a little bit different…)

Disney’s Aladdin, available from Friday 17 January in Sky Cinema on demand. Cert PG

Following in the footsteps and pawprints of other recent live-action reimaginings of classic Disney films (The Jungle Book, Dumbo and Beauty and The Beast, to name just a few), Sky Cinema is now on its way to the Arabian city of Agrabah once again.


Taking the animated antics from the 1992 Aladdin film and transforming it via cutting edge CGI and motion-capture technology, Disney and director Guy Ritchie recapture the magic of the classic while making it more exciting. Don’t believe us? Just watch this:

Much was made in early coverage of the film about the new Genie, and who could ever take over the lamp after the late, great Robin Williams? But that wasn’t the only point being pondered. For instance, what would Abu look like? Would he still wear a waistcoat? Who would be tasked with getting the Sultans little squeak just right? And who would be brave and beautiful enough to play the lead pair?


To answer all of this and more, here’s a comparison of the cast and characters from the original film and the new live-action edition:



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