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5 reasons to return to Jurassic World

5 reasons to return to Jurassic World

With sequel Fallen Kingdom available to buy on the Virgin Media Store, it’s time to make another journey into prehistory

The resurrected thunder lizards are on the rampage again, following the roaring success of Jurassic World 

Buy Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on the Virgin Media Store from 19 October. Cert 12

This summer’s sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom faced a massive challenge: it had to follow Jurassic World, a global megahit of a flick, and somehow raise the stakes and the scale of the story in the series once more. No easy task. But thanks to volcanic eruptions, a whole new cast of dinosaurs and dino-fodder – er, sorry, we mean humans – and a story that takes us in all-new directions, it manages to do just that. And then some.


Here are five reasons why you have to get on board for the return journey…




1. The stakes are higher than ever

We all know that Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs were confined to Isla Nublar, right? Well, there’s a problem. The supposedly dormant volcano on the island has woken up, and the dinosaurs will have to be evacuated if they’re not to be made extinct once more. But of course, that’s pretty dangerous in itself, so newly established dinosaur rights advocate Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) persuades her old friend Owen (Chris Pratt) to come and help rescue the velociraptor Blue. What could possibly go wrong?


2. A lot of things go wrong. A lot

When you’re trying to evacuate 11 species of dinosaur, many of them man-eaters, from a remote island, things can get messy. And that’s even before you consider the dire warnings from Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum’s back! Hooray!) that the genetic science behind the rebirth of dinosaurs is now out in the world, and people are going to want their own personal giant lizard armies.


3. There are utterly terrifying new dinosaurs

Bringing dinosaurs back from extinction is one thing, but combining different traits from various dinosaurs to make one über-scary beast is A Bad Idea. You’d think, after the previous film’s Indominus Rex, they’d have realised that’s a bad idea. But no. Say hello to the Indoraptor, a new dinosaur that can sneak into your bedroom when it’s not tearing through crowds of unfortunates. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


4. There are also excellent old dinosaurs

Well, old in the sense that they’re based on real species. Velociraptor fans will be delighted to know that Blue is back, as is that icon of the whole series, the T-Rex. But we also get a heartbreaking appearance from a brachiosaurus and a star-making turn from a head-butting Stygimoloch (called, naturally, Stiggy). Seriously, she’s about to become your new favourite. Just don’t let any toddlers see her in action in case they get ideas.


5. It delivers huge bang for your buck – and some real surprises

With a volcano rumbling in the background and massive dinosaur stampedes to contend with, it’s no spoiler to say that our heroes are in for a tough time. But other elements to this adventure are genuinely brand new and never before seen. This poses unprecedented problems for the humans – chief among them, what happens when dinosaurs get loose in your house? Without giving too much away, let’s just say that it’s bad news for the windows…


Added extra reason to watch

Did we mention that Jeff Goldblum is back as fan fave Ian Malcolm?! Yes, we know we did, but we’re saying it again – he’s that brilliant. And not only does he reprise his role from the original, he also revisits his immortal line of dialogue. Swoon…


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