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Disney Frozen II: the big questions

Disney Frozen II: the big questions

As the smash-hit animated sequel arrives on the Virgin Media Store, we take a look at all the big questions waiting to be answered…

Get ready to let it go all over again…

Frozen II, available to buy on the Virgin Media Store. Rent it on Virgin Movies from Monday 30 March. Cert U

Disappointed as we were that this much-anticipated sequel to 2013’s Frozen wasn’t called 2 Fast 2 Frozen (which, to be fair, wouldn’t have made sense), the film itself does wonders for dispelling said disappointment and delivering one of the most memorable, action-packed and ear-wormingly catchy animated musicals in cinematic history.


It’s another roller coaster of a flick, and one that we’re now very pleased to say is available to buy on the Virgin Media Store. Meaning now, just as the first days of spring are almost upon us, you can once again revel in all the wintry, autumnal goodness on offer in this absolute romp.

Following the first film’s ma-hoo-sive success in garnering almost unprecedented levels of critical acclaim and raking in a whopping $1.2 billion at the box office, it’s safe to say that there was a fair bit of hype leading up the sequel’s release last November.


Plenty of questions hung over the film’s closely guarded plot. And so, with the moment when you sit back, relax and enjoy this corker of a flick from the comfort of your own sofa now just minutes away, take a look at the aforementioned big questions before feasting your eyes on all of Frozen II’s snow-sprinkled goodness…


Right, are there tunes?

Yes, and they’re all bangers. Whether they’re absolute bangers or even “massive tunes” (on the scale of 2013’s “Let It Go”, anyway, which we’d go as far to say was a “BIG tune”) is for you to decide. Music is, after all, subjective. But rest assured – if there’s a four-year old within earshot of your telly, they’ll be singing along to these songs near enough the second they hear them.


Cool, next question – is there still plenty of ice (ice, baby)?

You know itttt! Ahem, sorry. Yes, there is. But, after managing to dispel Arendelle’s permanent winter at the end of the first film, Queen Elsa revels in watching her kingdom shift into autumn at the beginning of Frozen II. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of snowy magic and wonder when she’s around. That said, a venture into a mysterious enchanted forest soon tests her powers to the limit…


Wait, what, an Enchanted Forest?

Mhmm. Keen to get to the bottom of the source of her powers, Elsa once again enlists the help of sister Anna, iceman Kristoff, his reindeer bud Sven and sentient snowman Olaf to journey into the fabled (and feared) Enchanted Forest to solve the mystery once and for all. Beasts, magical goings-on and other elementally powerful people are encountered as they venture further into its murky, misty depths.


Like all classic sequels, there’s an edge and a strong sense of suspense with Frozen II. Not enough to have any little ones hiding their eyes (rest assured, they’ll be as enthralled as ever), but suitable amounts to brilliantly differentiate it from its already jaw-dropping original, and make it another ridiculously good addition to Disney’s rapidly mounting list of amazing animated films.



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