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Time to get Goosebumps!

Time to get Goosebumps!

Prepare for scares, silliness and laughs in Goosebumps 2, available on the Virgin Media Store

The original Goosebumps movie was a surprise hit – equal parts trick and treat, it was a whole lot of fright-filled fun. Now it’s back, and it’s spookier than ever!

Goosebumps 2, available to buy on the Virgin Media Store from Monday 11 February. Cert PG

Here are some things we know about children: they’re smaller than most adults; fart noises always get a laugh; and it’s perfectly acceptable for them to wear a full football kit (including shinpads) or a superhero costume for a trip to the supermarket. Oh, and one more thing: they love good scares – both on the big and small screen.


Seriously! Ask a kid what they loved most about a movie, and they’ll invariably talk about the bits that made them jump out of their seat. That’s one of the reasons why the original Goosebumps film was so well received, and why the sequel was greenlit before you could say “boo”. And now that spooky sequel is available to pre-order on the Virgin Media Store!

With Halloween imminent, Sonny (Jeremy Ray Taylor), best pal Sam (Caleel Harris) and Sonny’s older sister Sarah (Madison Iseman) are in for a fright. While cleaning out an abandoned house to make some extra cash, Sonny and Sam discover a mysterious book. Once opened, ventriloquist’s dummy Slappy (voiced by Jack Black) is unleashed and sets about bringing Halloween costumes and decorations to life.


Turns out, it’s all part of best-selling Goosebumps author’s RL Stine’s unpublished – and unfinished – manuscript called “Haunted Halloween”. Along the way, the gang meet Goosebumps superfan Mr Chu (Ken Jeong), who is thrilled to find himself trapped in a living, breathing version of his favourite book franchise. But will the kids be able to stop Slappy and save the day?


There’s enough scares and giggles to keep the kids trembling with laughter, while adults will love all the nostalgic references to the classic book series. Plus, any film that turns gummy bears into terrifying monsters with fanged teeth is alright by us. It’s frighteningly good!


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