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How festive are you feeling? Take our quiz!

How festive are you feeling? Take our quiz!


This year has been tough, but Sony Movies Christmas is already here to bring out the smiles. But do you have that festive feeling?

By Simon Ward, Content Editor

Looking out the window, it’s a bright sunny day. We’re not talking crisp-yet-cold, the autumn staple; someone just walked past the window with shades and newly red arms ordinarily absent from this time of year. People are in shorts. Everyone’s sweating. So naturally we’re here to talk about a Christmas channel.


Oh yes, Sony Movies Christmas has launched, and this time it has landed in September. In normal years, you’d clutch your head at the sheer madness of it all. But this year has been far from normal. And honestly, after the year we’ve all had, who amongst us wouldn’t want to wish Christmas along a little bit sooner?


Every day from now until the festive season, the channel will be bringing you the very best original Christmas movies. You know the score – everyone’s single, love and cinnamon are in the air, someone owns a cupcake store, there’s a dog, Dean Cain’s in it and wasn’t she in Sister Sister? But leave your cynicism at the door.


Because although the films may teeter on the edge of saccharine, they are the perfect movies to while away the days as winter approaches. New films this year include A Beauty and the Beast Christmas (Saturday 26 September, 8pm), with a social media influencer appropriately taking the latter role as the Beast.


There’s also themed weekends, UK premieres and loads more to enjoy. Want to get up to speed on some past favourites? Discover some of the best Christmas films on Sony Movies Christmas from last year right here. You’ll soon be a Christmas movies expert.


So, to get into the spirit of the holiday, take our quiz to find out how festive you’re feeling. And don’t worry, this page – and indeed the channel – isn’t going anywhere soon. So even if you’re not quite ready for jingle bells and the mystery of eggnog, do return to this quiz later in the year if you want to take it again…


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