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Dwayne Johnson is going on the Rampage!

Dwayne Johnson is going on the Rampage!

Buy his monster blockbuster on the Virgin Media Store

Biceps, giant gorillas and all manner of sizzling set pieces await in this explosive adaptation of the classic arcade game

Buy Rampage on the Virgin Media Store and rent on Virgin Movies from 20 August. Cert 12

When a man-made pathogen crashes down to Earth, a trail of debris is scattered across the US. To make matters worse, the pathogen (which causes exponential growth and increased aggression in animals) infects a crocodile, a wolf, and George, an albino gorilla who lives in the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary.


But if there’s one set of biceps that can wrestle with these massive monsters, it’s George’s keeper, and arguably the most jacked primatologist ever seen on screen, Davis Okoye (global megastar Dwayne Johnson). With cities lying right in the path of destruction, Okoye teams up with genetic engineer Dr Kate Caldwell (Naomi Harris) to help keep George safe, and attempt to save the beasts from being put down by the military.

Director Brad Peyton (reteaming with Johnson after San Andreas) embraces the over-the-top premise and creates all manner of explosive CGI set pieces: forget Snakes On A Plane, this has a 15-foot, albino gorilla wreaking havoc on a plane instead. Peyton’s created another cracking, explosion-fest of a blockbuster fronted by this generation’s leading action man.  


But this isn’t the first time that Rampage has taken the world by storm – this year’s box office smash is an adaptation of the classic 1986 arcade game! So, if you’re left with a craving for even more enormous, citywide scuffles, fear not. Simply track down an original arcade cabinet, NES, Amstrad or other 80s gaming system and you’ll soon be getting those giant fists swinging once more.


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