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Jackass – best ever pranks

Jackass – best ever pranks

The extended version of Jackass Forever has arrived on Netflix. Check out the best pranks from Johnny Knoxville and his crew right here

By Jon Billinge, Staff Writer

When Jackass Forever was released earlier this year, it was an immediate hit, with some dubbing it the comedy film of the year. Because, sure, prestige dramas about sad subjects with indie soundtracks are great for most of the year, but sometimes you just want a bunch of fools making you laugh harder than you have in some time.


Aaron Sorkin dramas, for instance, seldom have moments where a member of its cast is sent crashing into the rafters of a furniture store while dressed as an OAP. And hey, they may have Oscars and Globes, but they’re all-the-more poorer for it, in our opinion (it would have really made Moneyball).


For TV’s most intrepid idiots, making us laugh in their only brief.


Jackass Forever marks the crew’s fourth film (technically sixth). But rather than treading old ground, this isn’t just another rodeo of all things ridiculous. There’s nostalgia amid the nut-shots, as the gang reminisce about their wrongdoings, and reattempt past stunts that failed – such as lighting a fart underwater. Beautiful in its own twisted way.


And if you loved the film when you first saw it (or you haven’t seen it yet), this drop on Netflix gives us an extended edition – creatively dubbed Jackass 4.5 – with even more to laugh at, featuring all the cut and unused footage from Jackass Forever.


With that in mind, and to get your funny bones primed for Jackass 4.5, we’ve mined the Jackass vaults of mayhem to bring you the definitive, most daring (and disgusting) top 5 pranks from Knoxville’s ne’er-do-wells. Get ready...


5. Bad grandpa adjusts the bed


Bad grandpa (Knoxville) attempts to demonstrate the capabilities of his electric bed to a would-be buyer. However the bed has been rigged to overdrive, with spectacular results. Bad grandpa sandwich anyone? 


4. The bungee jump


Series legends Weeman and Preston are connected to each other via a short bungee cord. Weeman jumps off a platform and the ensuing force when he bounces back sends Preston tumbling. It’s a lesson in physics and gravity we’re sure Sir Isaac Newton would be absolutely horrified by.


3. Having a blast underwater

Now this one we unfortunately can’t show you, but you only need a shred of imagination to visualise it. Whether you’d want to is a different matter... In a bid to recreate a past failed stunt with more success, Steve-O submerges himself in a water tank. Is he going to hold his breath and escape a myriad of chains? Avoid a live piranha or two? No. He’s going to align himself with a special device designed for catching, ahem, methane, to see once and for all if you can light a fart on fire underwater. 


2. Fire-hose rodeo


Yeehaw! Something we’ve surely all wondered as to whether it’s even possible is proved in style by Dave England. Whipping around, reaching epic new heights, we now know it’s everything we thought it would be, and 100% something we never want to do!


1. Golf air-horn


An absolute classic from the first-ever Jackass. Golfers out for a day of relaxing fun have their swings marred by the ceaseless parp-parping of an air-horn. We really shouldn’t laugh, but hey, they managed to make golf interesting!


When is Jackass 4.5 on Netflix?

Find Jackass 4.5 in Apps & Games > Netflix from Friday 20 May.


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